Borsetti set to visit Notre Dame

<P>Notre Dame needs linebackers and they might get their first commitment from Danvers, MA prospect Nick Borsetti. Borsetti is set to visit Notre Dame on Friday and I thought I would check in to see where he stood before his visit to Notre Dame. </P>

Nick Borsetti is 6-3 220 pounds. He averaged 10 tackles a game last year and had 11 sacks. Nick also had 1/3 of his tackles go for losses.

I asked Nick about his decision and where he was with this. "I have been on unofficial visits to Boston College, Syracuse and Virginia. I am going to Notre Dame on friday. I hope to have my decision shortly after my visit to Notre Dame."

Nick said he is narrowing it down and is close to making a decision. "Right now, it's between Notre Dame and Virginia. I have been to Virginia twice but I haven't been to Notre Dame. I really feel comfortable about Virginia. I met all the coaches and I feel comfortable there. I haven't seen Notre Dame yet so I can't really say one is leading or the other."

I asked Nick if he was excited about seeing Notre Dame. "Yeah, I am very excited about it. I hear a lot of good things. I am excited to meet their coaching staff and see the campus."

Comments. I think ND has a great shot at this player. He does like Virginia quite a bit so he might not commit on the spot. I could see him choose Virginia because he does like the school. I could tell he really likes Notre Dame as well. I suppose it will all depend on how the visit goes and how comfortable he feels at Notre Dame.

As a side note, a subscriber of this site has seen Nick play. He also saw former St. John's Prep player Rob Konrad play. He told me that Konrad was actually a much better LB than FB. He said that Borsetti is a much better player than Konrad was. Just a little FYI. Top Stories