Zbikowski Quotes

Senior safety Tom Zbikowski had quite a crowd at Sunday's Media Day interview session. He didn't disappoint.

On head coach Charlie Weis:

"He's not your typical coach. He looks at it as; ‘yeah, there's hype around, but this is a fresh start.' You've got to break the team down in camp and also build us back up right when we're getting ready for the game. He knows us and people better than anyone."

On if Charlie preaches an "us against the world" mentality because there are a lot of people who don't like Notre Dame:

"He definitely brings up that there's people who loves us and there's a lot of people who hate us. It's fun to go into other places knowing there's so much hatred for us when we walk into other people's stadium and you get a win out of it. It makes it that much sweeter."

On getting booed by fans of the other team:

On his physical mentality and how sometimes he tends to cheat up on the run too much:

"That's what I definitely worked on this spring, being a little more patient, going through my keys a little faster and not committing too much on the run—having trust in the linemen and linebackers, that they're going to make their plays. I'm not going to lie. I love contact and I love coming up on run support. But I love winning and I love being a team player. That's what I've got to work on. That's what the coaches tell me I've got to work on and I've been listening to them."

On if he's ever walked off the field at any time and thought he lost the individual battle:

"When you lose a game you obviously have to look at yourself first before you look at anyone else. There's obviously times when you're going to get beat. You're never going to win every single play. They're on scholarship also. You try to just learn from every single thing that you can."

On if he thrives on intimidation:

"Yeah, I like to let the receivers and running backs know that I'm going to be waiting for them any time they break the line of scrimmage or break through the front seven. I'm going to be waiting for them." On what the coaching staff would like to fine-tune this season on defense:

"We worked on this spring, not slowing things down, but kind of going back to the basics—cover 2, cover 4 and just really getting it down pat, knowing it perfectly. I'm not really sure what the schedule is this summer with all these coverages, but I know the first couple of days is going to be all footwork, all technique, and fundamentals."

On what he thinks is the most important thing for him to improve on this fall:

"Being a little more patient with your play-action, but making sure the communication…..I think if you look at a lot of the big plays last year, I think it came from communication breakdowns, not someone getting beat. I think it was more communication. I think if we get that down, we'll be good to go."

On if he saw the communication improve over the spring:

"Yeah. There was a couple but I think it was a lot better than the year before. That was one thing as an entire secondary that we need to work on. We'll keep doing that."

On if he could consider pursuing both sports, boxing and football, after college:

"You're not going to have a serious career unless you focus on your fighting week in and week out. I can maybe get a fight, train two or three weeks and make a buck, but I'd never be able to have a serious career." On if he's thinking about boxing as a serious career:

"It's football for now. If I have another fight, it will be for fun. I'm looking more straight football now."

On what he's said to his boxing promoters about his boxing future:

"I told them after the season I'll talk to them if I'm thinking about fighting again. He knows that I'm a football player, we've got something special going on at Notre Dame right now and I've got to be completely focused on this right now."

On if he's excited to hit someone after not being able to all summer:

"Yeah, seven-on-seven gets old real fast. It's good work, and you've got to do it, but it gets old fast. I want to start hitting. Brady can do it all day, but I've got to get on the field."

On Samardzija's vacation in the minor leagues and if he'll be ready this fall:

"I'll tell you what; he's a kid that, no matter how much he trains or how little he trains, he'll be able to make it. He's been telling me he's been running but we'll see."

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