Wins, Losses and Lessons a Definite Win

With a strong emphasis on humor, former Irish head coach Lou Holtz releases his autobiography today in"Wins, Losses and Lessons." Irish fans don't need an introduction to the last man to take the Irish to the promised land, but his book is far more than a collection of ‘remember when's.'

From the opening chapter of "Wins, Losses and Lessons," coaching legend Lou Holtz makes it clear that his autobiography isn't just about football, it's about life and the many lessons learned along the way.

Holtz clearly is far from just a football coach, he's a man of principle, integrity, and a man with a burning desire to be the best at everything he does. He's also a teacher and a mentor, and it becomes obvious after reading the book why so many followed his lead.

As discussed early in the first chapter, Holtz developed his "WIN" (What's Important Now) philosophy at an early age in life, and has used that philosophy as a foundation to live his life.

In a very honest assessment, Holtz downplays most of his triumphs and still burns when talking about his failures, such as accepting a job to coach the New York Jets when his heart wasn't in it. But he talks openly and sincerely about the mistakes he has made in his life.

The book is jammed with many great football stories, such as working with the legendary Woody Hayes and his championship season at Notre Dame, but it's the life lessons and Holtz's ability to turn every little story into some sort of motivational lesson that makes the book a joy to read.

The text is light, humorous, and done in the self-deprecating style we all know and love about Holtz.

The best thing I can say about the autobiography is you feel good after reading it and there aren't many books out there today that make you feel good.

I highly recommend the book for any Notre Dame fan, and I also highly recommend giving it to your children for a read after you are done. I strongly believe both you and your children will love the book and might learn a thing or two along the way.

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