Laws Looking for Dominance

Defensive tackle Trevor Laws is entering his fourth season for the Irish. The Apple Valley, Minn. native is also slated to start his senior season and will have another year of eligibility after the 2006 season. We interviewed Trevor after Thursday's practice and he's a transcript of that interview.

Trevor Laws on how fall camp has gone thus far.

"It's going to good. There's a lot of new installation and a lot of new people on the field. There's a lot of new schemes and we're playing a lot of different packages of people. It's been going really good. It's been fun getting used to hitting again."

On what he hopes to improve on over last year.

"Really, it's overall dominance. Play-to-play endurance was a big thing. Just being able to go the same tempo from the beginning of the game to the end of the game. I worked on my conditioning a lot. Hopefully I can make a lot more plays."

On if he got tired playing most of the game last season.

"Two years ago I rotated and split reps with Landri. Last year, my first year starting, it's a lot different. It's hard to stay healthy for a whole season playing interior line. That's half the battle right there."

On the dominance we saw from the interior defensive line in the scrimmage last week.

"One more year, bigger, stronger faster. We're working on a lot of new schemes and they're really helping us. There's packages we're putting in that really helped. I think Derek and I are really playing well."

On working with coach Mendoza this past spring and summer.

"Another year under our new strength coach. He worked a whole different way than our old strength coach did. Overall, our whole team has so much more strength than we had before. Just core strength and overall football strength." On if he can see the strength gains on the field.

"I definitely notice when I'm getting double-teamed that I've got more strength in my base. I feel stronger than I did last year."

On what playing last year taught him and how he'll be more ready to play this fall.

"The little things. You can so much by how an O-lineman stands. Before the snap of the ball, you can almost know how this guy will be blocking just by sighting the guy you go against."

"Now we've focused a little more on Georgia Tech. Really, right now, we start breaking down the game film, looking at what kind of guy you're going against, trying to get a feel for how you're going to get blocked on each particular play and just get ready for the game." On if he's tired of playing against his own teammates at this point.

""Since that first two-a-day, I've been. I've been wanting to get some Georgia Tech guys in there. Playing against the same guys, me and Sullivan have been going against each other so much, it will be nice to get some fresh blood to go against. I'm so sick of hitting Sullivan, you have no idea. I'm definitely looking to hit some new people to go against."

On having Travis Leitko along the interior defensive line to add depth and give him a breather this season.

"It's a good thing. You've got somebody behind you that can roll in and just play great right there behind you. You don't have to worry about someone else coming in and not being able to do the job. You know that when you're not 100 percent they can come in and give their all and they're going to be a great contributor. It's real important."

On the beard he's been sporting all fall camp.

"It's been a long time since it's seen a razor. There hasn't been one around the dorm camp. It might have to go pretty soon. Uh, well, a girl might have something to say about that." Top Stories