Wenger Sidetracked by Injury

Dan Wenger felt the pain early in practice, but the freshman continued on. He had a feeling something bad happened, but nothing was going to stop the Coral Springs, Fla., product from trying to prove himself to the Notre Dame coaches. Every rep counts and Wenger wasn't going to the sidelines during the first week of fall camp.

That was the last day of the first week, and unfortunately since then, Wenger has been sidelined with a big cast on his right arm after it was determined he chipped a bone. The center said he should be out of the cast in a week or two and back on the practice field.

"Things happen," Wenger stated.

In the locker room following practice, the 6-foot-4, 285-pound Wenger couldn't take the throbbing in his arm any longer.

"I was in a lot of pain and had a lot of trouble using it all together," he said.

With the injury, Wenger has still been able to stay in shape by doing conditioning. He also has been able to work out his legs and left arm. Obviously the injury will make things rough on Wenger being selected to the travel squad for the Georgia Tech game. However, he hasn't given up hope.

"It's very frustrating," Wenger stated.

Wenger and Irish classmate Sam Young were two key components to the St. Thomas Aquinas offensive line last season. With their help, the Florida power rolled up 337.7 yards of offense and 41.3 points per game en route to a 5A state championship. With Young currently in the mix for the starting right tackle position, both are worried about different things right now.

"We're teammates, we have a good relationship not only on but off the field," Wenger said. "We played well together in high school. Right now I'm just worried about me trying to make the travel squad and getting back out there.

"We have our own concerns, different positions, different ways to learn how to do the system. It's pretty much we're looking up to different older guys to help us out."

While Young is looking up to senior left tackle Ryan Harris, Wenger is getting guidance from senior center John Sullivan, fifth-year senior guard Bob Morton, who has also seen time at center and another fifth-year senior guard Dan Santucci. Just like most first-year college players, the pace of the game was a bit of a shock for Wenger.
,br> "Definitely the speed of the game, some techniques and just overall learning the offense. They've been a great help with that," Wenger explained. "They're always there for you, they're not there to go against us. They're always reaching out to us."

Wenger can only wish those guys could help him get that cast off faster and back on the field.

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