DL Trevor Laws Update

<P>Defensive lineman Trevor Laws has had a busy summer schedule. He attended camp at Notre Dame and had indicated that he might make an early decision. Will Trevor make an early decision? </P>

Apple Valley, MN is home to one of the top defensive lineman in the country. Laws is at the very top of Notre Dame's wish list. Laws attended Notre Dame camp and I thought I would check up on him.

"I think I am going to wait. I thought about making an early decision but I think I am going to take my visits. I just want to be sure." Laws told me that Notre Dame, Michigan and Iowa would get visits for sure. He also said that Minnesota will also likely get a visit. "I am not sure if I will take any after that, probably not."

I asked Trevor who was leading at this point. "Nobody is really leading. Notre Dame had been leading but I had just returned from their camp. I was pretty excited about Notre Dame. I am still excited about Notre Dame but I am also interested in Michigan and Iowa as well."

Trevor said that Coach Mattison is recruiting him from Notre Dame. Coach Malone is recruiting him for Michigan and Head Coach Ferentz has taken over his recruiting for Iowa. "I like them all. They are all good guys and that is why I have kind of narrowed it down to these three and Minnesota."

Trevor said he would likely make a decision in Janauary. He said he would take his visits after his season and then decide.

Comments. I think Notre Dame has a very good shot at Trevor. I do think it will be a battle with Michigan but don't count out Iowa either. It's early and a lot can change but I like Notre Dame's chances here.

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