Top Corner Waiting Until September

<P>Being 6-2 and 190 pounds and having the speed to play cornerback is a nice luxury to have. Many colleges from across the country have driven to Fairfax, VA to see Chase Anastasio. Anastasio has an impressive list of offers. Notre Dame is one of them and Chase is very high on their list. What does he plan to do in the future? </P>

Chase had told me earlier that he planned a couple of unofficials. He was going to head to Penn State and also check out Notre Dame. I asked if those plans had changed. "Yeah, I just didn't have time to get anywhere this summer. I thought I better concentrate on working out and with my speed trainer to get myself ready for the season. Recruiting will take care of itself."

Anastasio has offers from Va Tech, UVA, Penn State, Pitt, Maryland, U Conn, Syracuse, Notre Dame, Ohio State, Wake Forrest and Stanford. I asked Chase what he plans to do. "I am just going to wait until September when I can speak to the coaches again. I am wide open and I am not ruling anyone out yet. After I talk to all the coaches, I will narrow it down to my top 5 and go from there."

I asked Chase if he knew of any schools he would visit for sure. "I would say I will likely visit UVA and Virginia Tech. After that, I am not sure. I know I am interested in both of those schools but I know the most about them. Distance isn't an issue for me. I will go out of state if that is the best school for me."

Most schools are recruiting as a defensive back but UVA and Stanford are looking at him for both sides of the ball.

Comments.. Chase seems very wide open. I don't think he is set on staying in state but I do believe those two teams will be the teams to beat when all is said and done. He is a very smart and well-spoken kid. We won't know for sure until September if he is really interested. Top Stories