Neal Not Happy With Start Despite 2-0 Record

Bunn, N.C. prospect Kerry Neal has set high standards for himself for his senior season. Despite his team's 2-0 record, the 6-3, 230-pound linebacker/defensive end prospect says he's not happy with the start of his senior season.

"I have two sacks so far…that's terrible," Kerry Neal said about the start of his senior season. "I don't have all the stats yet. I think I have 16 tackles so far. I just haven't got the sacks I wanted yet. I've been in the backfield. I had four pressures the first game and three more last week.

"They've been running away from me, but it's helping the other (defensive end) on our team. I'll chase them down. I've been getting double and triple-teamed. As long as we make the play, I don't care. We're 2-0."

Neal, who also plays tight end on offense, says he's yet to get really involved in the offense at this point.

"I've got two two-point conversions so far," Neal said of his offensive production at tight end. "We're pretty much a running team so far. We haven't really opened it up yet. We're pretty much running most of the time."

While the offensive side of the ball hasn't been overly exciting so far for Neal, he says he's thrilled with the defensive side of the ball.

"We've been in some real battles so far," Neal said. "Last week we won 10-6. We won 24-11 the week before. Our offense is kind of slow but improving, but our defense is awesome. I love playing in this defense."

Teams might be staying away from Neal, but that's pretty hard to do considering he's constantly on the field.

"I'm in real good shape," he said. "I need to be. I'm pretty much on the field every play. My coach will give me a break now and again by not putting me on a special teams play now and again. I'm pretty much on the field the whole time.

"I'd say I do get tired now and again. It's kind of hard to say you don't get tired if you're going real hard every play. I go hard every play so I do get a little tired but I love to play."

Notre Dame's first commitment also says the competition constantly reminds him of the fact that he's going to Notre Dame.

"A lot of guys talk," Neal said when asked if some of the opposition are gunning for him out there. "I find it funny, man. I just laugh about it. You get guys trying to take cheap shots. They call you ‘Notre Dame,' I just laugh at the guy.

"They're trying to get into your head. They're trying to get you to react and get you kicked out of the game. I love it. I think it's funny."

Neal also is excited about the start of Notre Dame's season this weekend.

"Saturday night, eight o'clock," Neal said. "It's Georgia Tech and I can't wait.

"I'll probably watch the game by myself. I can learn from these guys….Victor (Abiamiri) and Ronald (Talley). I can pick up things….little techniques they use. I just want to study it. I'm really excited about it. I can't wait to watch it." Top Stories