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Film Evaluation of "The Duke"

<P>"The Duke" was kind enough to send me some film. Ndukwe was Notre Dame's second commitment of the year. He is 6-2 190 pounds and plays for Coffman HS is Dublin Ohio. I also got a sneak preview of QB prospect Brady Quinn. Both are fantastic players. </P>

Chinedum Ndukwe is a Derrick Mayes type of player. He even proudly wears the #1. He makes Mayes like catches and adjusts to the ball very well in the air. He has fantastic hands and concentration while the ball is in the air. He gets excellent separation from his defender and fights for the ball in the air. He is a very thick player and looks to be very strong for a high school player. He uses that strength well fighting for the ball.

I could not get a good read on his top end speed but he does pull away from defensive backs on the deep balls. Coffman runs a very similar style of offense to what I think Willingham is going to use. A version of the west coast offense with a lot of 3 WR sets and backs slipping out of the backfield into the slot. The film didn't give a good insight into his overall speed.

The Duke ran a lot of timing routes designed to gain X amount of yards. He frequently broke away from the first or second tackler to get extra yards. They also used the Ndukwe on a lot of fade patterns in the red-zone. He does a excellent job of adjusting to the ball in the air on fade routes and deep balls.

The Duke is a possession receiver but I hate using that word because it suggests a lack of speed or athletic ability. I use the word because I think he will be used quite a bit to go across the middle and make the tough catches. He is a very tough player. He runs excellent routes and will be the guy you go to on third down because you know he will be open and make the catch.

Chinedum is one heck of an athlete and that is obvious on the film. It is hard to judge his speed because a lot of his deep balls were caught in the end zone and he obviously had no reason to run after the catch. He did get good separation for the DB on these deep balls. He reminds me the most of a Derrick Mayes or Chris Carter type of player.

I think the Duke will be quite the player at Notre Dame. He is the go-to guy you need to make all the difficult catches. He is one very tough player as evidence by his highlight of him getting completely leveled by a guy. This guy had a textbook de-cleator on Ndukwe and it took his helmet clean off. Ndukwe bounced right up and then gave us this beautiful highlight. The Duke wants you to know he is one tough kid. I think Notre Dame got a great player in Chinedum Ndukwe.

You don't think I would end this without a few words on Brady Quinn do you? I want to make this clear that this was a Chinedum Ndukwe highlight film and not a Brady Quinn highlight film. If Brady chooses Notre Dame, I will certainly ask for the Brady Quin highlight film. This film was not meant to show what Quinn can do.

The reason I mention this is because a lot of the film doesn't show what Quinn can do. There are quite a few clips where Brady could not step into his throws because of pressure up the middle or from the ends.

What I can say about Brady is this. He is a tall QB. I would say 6-3 at least. He looks to be around 195-200 pounds so he can add some strength as well. When he steps into his throws, he has a very strong arm. He has very good mechanics and keeps the ball right by his chin most of the time. They run a lot of 3 and 5 step drops in this system but there are a few 7 step drops on the film. He looked to have good footwork in all his drops but it was hard to really see because of the pressure. I am going to guess the pressure led to some of his interceptions.

Brady throws the fade very well and you can tell he has excellent chemistry with Ndukwe. He looks for him often. The only problem I saw was very slight and easily fixed I would assume. He keeps the ball very high and close to his chin but drops it just a little before he throws slowing down his release. He does have a quick release however and looks to be very well coached.

Brady also throws the out very well and hits his inside seam routes very well. He usually hit the Duke in stride allowing Ndukwe to make more yards after the catch. He also throws with excellent touch on deep balls and the fade. The good thing about this highlight film is that this isn't his best stuff and he threw a nice ball on almost every clip.

There was no film showing Quinn's mobility. He is a classic drop-back passer and didn't do a lot of running. I am sure his highlight film will give me a better view of his legs.

I want to thank the Duke for sending the film. Both players should do very well in college. I was very impressed with both players. I am very glad we have the Duke in this class. We will have to wait and see where Quinn chooses to go. Good luck to Brady no matter where he chooses to go to school. Thanks again Duke.

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