Freddie Parish Set to Visit Notre Dame

<P>Many Notre Dame fans feel coach Willingham will open the doors for Notre Dame in California. A nice start would be Long Beach Poly's Freddie Parrish. The corner/safety prospect has already unofficially visited Notre Dame over the summer and has scheduled an official visit with Notre Dame. </P>

I talked to Freddie last night for the first time. I wanted to wait until Freddie had been to his top schools and had some time to think about which schools he is most interested in at this time. Freddie was very open about his thoughts and a great interview.

"I have a visit scheduled to Notre Dame September 6th for the Purdue game." I talked to Freddie about how he was going to handle recruiting this year. "I hope I can take my visits and one school sticks out early. I don't think I want to take all 5 of my visits but I will if I am not 100% sure. I will keep taking visits until I am 100% sure of what I want to do."

I then asked Freddie if he would commit to Notre Dame on his visit if he felt it was right for him. "I don't want it to be a thing like that. I could have a great time at Notre Dame but I didn't commit because I wasn't 100% sure. I don't want Notre Dame fans to think I didn't have a great time because I didn't commit. I need to be 100% sure on my decision and keep my eyes open."

Freddie said his top schools right now are UCLA, Stanford, Notre Dame, Washington, USC, Oregon and Michigan. I asked Freddie if he knew of other schools he would visit. "I am planning on visiting Michigan. Also, I will probably go to Oregon and Washington. I might choose to visit one of the California schools but that won't say anything about which California school I like best. I am very familiar with UCLA, USC and Stanford. They are already in my head just because I have been there before."

I asked Freddie what he thought about coach Willingham when he visited Notre Dame during the summer. "He is pretty intense. He is the kind of guy you are in awe of. He is a great guy and a great coach. He demands respect and you give it to him. He can be intimidating but he is a nice guy as well. He expects a lot out of you and a lot out of himself. With him, you know you are going to be the best man you can be on and off the field."

Freddie says he is flattered by all the attention he is receiving but says it has been hectic as well. "It's funny, I think some people get too wrapped up in all of this. I think some start to believe all of this. I am just trying to keep a level head. None of this is going to matter because you still have to play football on Saturdays and that is all that matters."

Freddie and I chatted more about football and some former Poly players. I then asked him if his visit to Notre Dame in the summer made an impact on him. "I would say it opened my eyes. I am much more open to leaving now. It really opened my eyes and now I am very interested in Notre Dame and Michigan as well the west coast schools I have been looking at."

Comments. A special thanks to Freddie Sr. for hooking me up with Freddie Jr. Freddie Sr. asked what took me so long to do a story on Freddie. Freddie Sr. checks this site often. I hope I did a good job. My comments are this. As always, this is just my opinion and not fact. I think Notre Dame has a legit shot. I think UCLA and Stanford are going to be tough to beat and don't count out Michigan either. I do believe that Notre Dame has a shot and Willingham will be very key in all of this. It might end up that Freddie just likes Stanford or UCLA better. No matter which school he chooses, I wish Freddie well. He is one great kid and I will cheer for him no matter where he goes. Top Stories