Top Safety Prospect Plans to Take Visits

<P>Safety prospect Tommy Zbikowski is a hard guy to tackle on the field and on the phones. He has been out of town pretty much all summer and I caught up to him yesterday to see how his summer has gone for him. </P>

Buffalo Grove HS in Buffalo Grove, IL is home to Tommy Zbikowski. Tommy must have felt he has been on tour with a rock band because he has been all over the country this summer. "I went to 11 camps this summer. I can't remember them all but I have been enjoying myself. It's been busy but fun."

Zbikowski did go to Notre Dame camp this summer and came away with an offer from coach Willingham. I asked him about that experience. "I really enjoyed that. Coach Willingham is a great guy. He was out helping everyone at camp, even the 8th graders. I didn't see that anywhere else. I liked all the staff. They are all good guys. Coach Walters was really good. I learned a lot about playing defensive back from him this summer."

Tommy has around 30 total offers and I didn't bother asking him to go through them all. I asked him who his top schools where right now. "I would say Notre Dame, Nebraska, Iowa, Wisconsin, Virginia and Arizona State right now. That could change though."

Tommy said he wants to wait to make a decision. "I plan to narrow it down to 5-7 in September. I will take my official visits. I am not sure I will take all 5. I will take as many as I need. Too much can happen between now and signing day. I want to be around the players some as well. I haven't really had a chance to meet many players so I want to know if I fit in with them. A lot can also happen with coaching changes so I want to see what happens and meet some of the players as well."

Tommy plans to attend some games this year as well. He has plans on going to Notre Dame for the ND/Michgian game and also plans to visit Wisconsin for the Wisconsin/Fresno State game.

Comments. The comments section is always just my opinion and not fact. I think Tommy likes ND quite a bit. I don't think he is 100% sold on them yet. He is a great kid with a great attitude as well. In the end, I think Notre Dame has the best chance at landing him. Top Stories