Mike's Mailbag

Here is another group of questions answered left over from Monday's Power Hour.

Bill, South Bend
Mike, do you think Drady can still win the Heisman with his performance?

Mike: Yeah, I certainly do. While Quinn didn't have his best game, I think it's very important to realize he also didn't hurt his team with bonehead plays trying to force balls into places he shouldn't. Quinn still completed 60 percent of his passes for 250 yards. I don't think this will affect his chances at all. Had the Irish lost the game, I think it could've done some damage, however.

Mike, Indiana
Do you think losses will affect guys like Ryan Miller with the Colorado fiasco? Greg Little and NC loss?

Mike: I'm not sure that North Carolina is a real threat in the Greg Little race, but I could be mistaken. I'm sure it didn't help their chances by losing the game—just as it wouldn't help Notre Dame had they lost last weekend. With Ryan Miller, I'm not sure how much that will impact him. I think he understands that Colorado has a ways to go and he seemed interested in helping build the team back up. However, if Colorado continues to slide, I don't think it will help their chances of signing Miller, but I really can't speak for Ryan. Normally, losses hurt teams in regards to recruiting. Most of these players play on winning teams in high school. They don't want to play for a losing team.

Dave, Ann Arbor, Mich
Mike, are there any names on the board at LB beyond Chris Donald if he does stay home and chooses Tennessee?

Good question. Malcom Smith is a linebacker the Irish have offered. He seems somewhat interested in Notre Dame and plans to take an official visit to South Bend. I believe the Irish will wait and see what happens with Donald before they offer more linebackers. They'll likely know soon where they stand with Donald—probably by the end of September I'd guess.

Kevin, Napperville, Ill.
Do you think Charlie may have underestimated a college defensive coordinator? He needs to go out and get a speedster….should have brought one in with last year's class.

Mike: I don't think he underestimated Tenuta at all. I'm quite sure Weis knew full well what was coming. What he probably didn't anticipate was his quarterback having an off day and his offense committing nine penalties to kill drives. I also wonder if Charlie might've been trying to hit on a big play early to get the crowd out of the game. It seemed that way to me. After watching the game the second time, ND stopped themselves most of the first half. Eliminate the mental errors and they probably win the game by at least a couple of touchdowns. You still have to credit Georgia Tech as their play had something to do with it as well.

Joe, Pennslyvania
Who are the 2008 (junior) offers that you know about?

Right now the only three we're certain of are linebacker Steve Filer, wide receiver Michael Floyd and Nebraska offensive lineman Trevor Robinson.

Mike, N.J.
Where was (Konrad) Reuland (in the game)?

Mike: I wouldn't be alarmed by that. It's been widely said that Will Yeatman is a very good blocker. I think Weis wanted to see what he could because I think there were some blocks missed last week at that position. I also believe that Reuland is a pretty good blocker, but Yeatman is just bigger at this point so probably more ready to play physically at this point. I bet you see Reuland on the field as well this year.

Tripp, Pennsylvania
Hey Mike, I heard you throw one hell of a tailgate party. I'll be at the Penn St. game. How do I get an invite?

Mike: We'll post the directions to the tailgate Wednesday. We'll have a map and directions so we should be easy to find. All Notre Dame fans are welcome, whether you're a subscriber or not. Hope to meet you there.

VA Gold, Churchill, Va.
How can we get podcasts of your after-the-game show?

Mike: You can always find the podcasts (saved copy) of the show at this LINK.

We usually have the show uploaded to this blog within a few hours after the show has aired.

If you have questions you'd like answered, please send them to: mikefrankshow@gmail.com

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