Martin waiting to take official visits's No. 8-rated defensive end Ben Martin of La Salle High School (Cincinnati, Ohio) is happy his senior season is under way. The mild-mannered Martin is grateful that he has all the college options that he does, but he wants to focus on his senior season.

Ben Martin (6-foot-6, 220 pounds) knows four of the colleges he will visit officially, but he doesn't want his recruitment to interfere with his senior season.

"I haven't scheduled any of my official visits yet," Martin responded when asked about his recruitment. "I'll probably take them toward the end of my season and after my season. I want to focus on my last year of high school so that it's a good season. I'll probably start scheduling some visits when I get some free time.

"Most of the schools I'm looking at I've already been to a game. I went to the Notre Dame/USC game last year, and the Ohio State/Texas. I'm also still looking at Florida and Tennessee right now. I've been to those schools, but I haven't been to a game at those schools."

Martin did take some time this weekend to watch Notre Dame and Ohio State open up their season.

"I watched them this weekend," Martin said of Notre Dame's narrow victory over Georgia Tech. "They played a really good team, and they pulled it out. I really just watched the game, I didn't watch any of the schemes or how they used different people. When you think about Brady [Quinn] you think a lot of points. It was crazy.

"I watched the first quarter of the Ohio State game. It got a little out of hand. I think they might get Texas this year. If they wouldn't have switched quarterbacks last year I think they would have won. I like their chances this weekend."

Martin and his teammates will attempt to bounce back after a disappointing loss last weekend.

"We're 1-1, we're coming off a tough loss last weekend against Northmont," Martin explained. "I had a pretty good game, I had 13 tackles. I don't have any sacks yet… I'm still waiting for No.1.

"Coach Grippa said he wanted to use me at linebacker so teams couldn't run away from me, so he put me at middle linebacker. Sometimes I'm at middle linebacker, outside linebacker or at end. I blitz a lot, sometimes I'm dropping into zone coverage. I've been playing linebacker and defensive end and most of my tackles have been coming from the backside. There's a lot more to read, and a lot more stuff to understand at linebacker. I have a new respect for linebackers. It's a lot of fun." Top Stories