Big Back Likes Irish

<P>Every year, players become discovered. One such player might be Adairsville, GA's Ashley McConnell. He is being recruited mainly as a big back and I am told he is quite good. </P>

Ashley McConnell is 5-11 240 pounds. He plays runningback and linebacker for his team. I talked with Ashley to get an update on how this prospect has been doing.

"Summer has been going great. We just finished two-a-days today. Man, am I glad that is over. I am really wore out." Ashley said that his team should be very good this year.

I talked to Ashley about recruiting and asked how that was going. "Right now, I have offers from smaller schools. Middle Tennessee State, Tulane , Cincinatti, Alabama-Birmingham, school like that. Notre Dame kind of put me on the spot."

I asked Ashley what he meant by that. "Coach Miles called in May, he told me that I am their top big back and that I am their #1 guy. Other schools like Georgia, Florida, Tennessee and Ohio State have been writing me now as well. Notre Dame kind of got things going I think."

I asked Ashley how he felt about that. "Well, I was very excited when he told me that. My Mom really likes Notre Dame. My Dad does as well. If Notre Dame offers me, I will be very excited. They would be my top school for sure."

McConnell said he would probably take a few visits but he wasn't sure how many he would take.

Comments.I know it seems strange because he doesn't have any big time offers but I didn't pull this kids name out of a hat. ND really likes this player. If Notre Dame offers, I think he will accept. I will see what I can find out about him but I do hear they really like him as a big back. Top Stories