Jefferson is Waiting For September

<P>I thought I would check in with stud linebacker Wesley Jefferson. When I last spoke with Jefferson, he had stated he planned to visit some schools over the summer. I thought I would check in and see how those visits went.</P>

Wesley Jefferson is one of the top prospect for the Irish at inside linebacker. He is one of the top linebackers in the country and I thought I would see what he has been up to.

I asked Wesley if he had taken any trips this summer to see some schools. "The only place I went to see was Maryland. It's was OK, it was cool. I didn't go see any other schools."

I asked Wesley what his plans were once the season starts. "I am waiting for September. I want to see what the schools have to offer. I will probably narrow it down in September and start looking at schools that I might want to visit." Jefferson has about 45 offers so he is going to be talking to a lot of coaches in September.

Jefferson said all schools are recruiting as an inside linebacker. He said he does plan to attend one college game this year but he is not sure which one. "We play our games on Saturday so I can't go to many college games. I do play once on a Thursday so I will go to a game that weekend but I am not sure where."

Wesley says he knows for sure he will take all 5 visits and is just waiting to talk to the coaches again to narrow that down.

Comments. Wesley told me that he thinks Notre Dame is a good academic school and like their tradition. He didn't name any favorites or list any schools. I don't think he has narrowed it down yet but I do think that ND will get a visit out of him. I could be wrong however. Top Stories