No change for Williams

Notre Dame had a number of big-time recruits in for the weekend. One of the top prospects to visit was defensive tackle Ian Williams of Lyman high school (Longwood, Fla.). It's no secret that the Irish need big bodies on the defensive side of the ball, which makes Williams a priority.

Going into his official visit at Notre Dame Ian Williams (6-foot-2, 300 pounds) openly admitted that the Florida Gators were the team to beat. Williams had a great visit in South Bend, but it wasn't enough to close the gap with his leader.

"They still have the lead," Williams responded when asked if Florida was still his leader. "I just wanted to go to Notre Dame and check out the facilities, the players and everything, but Florida still has the lead.

"The game was exciting. It was a great atmosphere. Everyone stayed to the end, and I was real surprised, because at most schools when they start blowing someone out the fans leave, but everyone stayed around.

"It was great to finally meet the people up there," Williams said. "I was great to meet coach Weis, coach Parmalee and coach Oliver, they're cool people. Coach Weis is cool. He's down to earth. He's not just a recruiter or a salesman. He wants to get to know the player as a person."

A current member of the Notre Dame football team hosts each recruit on an official visit. The Irish had a player on the roster that was familiar with Williams' background.

"Richard Jackson was my host. He's from around Orlando, which is where I'm from. He said the biggest transition school-wise was the amount of work and effort that you have to put into it. It's different from high school because you're not forced to go to class, but if you don't go to class you won't be able to pass or be on the team.

"Football-wise he said the speed is different. The guys you go up against in high school, you're better than, but in college the guys you go up against are all as good as you. He said the speed is outrageous.

"I'm just trying to take my visits and make sure I make the right decision," Williams said. "I'm going to try to make it back Notre Dame for another game so that my mom can see it."

Williams will make an unofficial visit to Auburn this weekend. He would like to make his announcement at the end of October. Top Stories