Irish exceed Little's expectations's No. 9 rated offensive lineman, Chris Little of Twiggs County high school (Jeffersonville, Ga.) made an official visit to Notre Dame for the Penn State weekend. Little was excited to see what the campus had to offer and he didn't walk away disappointed.

Notre Dame would like to add at least four offensive linemen to the roster with the 2007 recruiting class. Chris Little (6-foot-6, 327 pounds) is one of their primary targets and he was on campus this weekend.

"It went real well. I really enjoyed the visit up there," Little said of his official visit to Notre Dame. "I've been hearing a lot of talk about Notre Dame and how the campus is, but it was actually more than what everyone had told me. Everybody my parents had talked to, everyone told us good things about Notre Dame. I hadn't heard anything bad about them. It really exceeded my expectations.

"I know that college fans love their football, but when I went to the game Saturday, everywhere you went there were fans and Irish fans love their football. When you go to a college game and all the students stand for the entire game and they don't get quiet for the entire game… the stadium was just rockín. I really didn't expect it to be like that.

"Ï really liked that the players thanked the fans [after the game] they came over and saluted them and sang the alma mater," he added.

Notre Dame signed two players from the state of Georgia in the last recruiting class. One of those players was his host for the weekend.

"The host from my visit was Morrice Richardson from Atlanta, Georgia," Little explained. "He seemed like a pretty good guy. I asked him a lot of questions. I asked him if he really liked it and he said it was a really good place.

"He said coach Weis was not going to show favoritism for one player. If all the quarterbacks are going to get chewed out, Brady Quinn is going to get chewed out as well. He doesn't play favorites and I don't like coaches that show favoritism to one player. I like coaches that treat all the players alike.

"Morrice got to play some snaps on Saturday," Little said of his conversation with his host. "He told me coach Weis isn't afraid to play freshmen and that's a prime example of that. The right tackle was a freshman also.

The Irish made a strong impression on Little, but this was his first official visit.

"I'm going to Florida State for the Clemson game Saturday for an unofficial visit," Little said. "I might not take all five visits, I might take two more and be done with it and make a decision." Top Stories