Junior Michael Floyd begins to pile up offers

Cretin-Derham Hall high school (Saint Paul, Minn.) head coach Mike Scanlan isn't new to big-time college recruiting. His program produces one or two Division I prospects every year and it appears that Scanlan has another special player coming through the ranks in wide receiver Michael Floyd.

Notre Dame will bring in some talented wide receivers in the 2007 recruitng class, but the coaching staff is already looking for talented players in the 2008 recruiting class. Cretin-Derham Hall high school head coach Mike Scanlan believes that wide receiver Michael Floyd (6-foot-3, 190 pounds) is going to be one the best players to come through his program.

"He's real physical, he's got to be 190 pounds, he runs well and he catches everything," coach Scanlan said of Floyd. "He's you prototypical big fast receiver. He reminds me of Michael Irvin. He's fast. I can't make up a number for you, but he can run away from people.

"Michael had four touchdown catches last game, 10 receptions and I think it he about 180 yards, so he had a real nice night for himself.

"I think he's at that elite level right now," coach Scalan said. "I think he's the best receiver not only to come out of our school, but the best to come out of this area. The national attention that he's getting bares that out."

Scanlan knows a good player when he sees one. His program has sent Notre Dame three current players; tight end Marcus Freeman, offensive tackle Ryan Harris and freshman offensive lineman Matt Carufel, as well as former running back Rashon Power-Neal.

"I think the last guy that got national attention was Ryan Harris who is playing tackle for you guys," coach Scanlan explained. "[Floyd] has offers on the table from more than a handful of top programs, Notre Dame being one. He also has [offers from] Kansas State, University of Minnesota, Iowa and I don't know who else, they're trickling in now.

"Our line coach Andy Bischoff took a bunch of guys down to the Notre Dame camp," coach Scanlan said. "I believe that is when Michael got the verbal offer, and then September 1 he received the official letter of the offer from Notre Dame.

"He gets more mail than just about anyone I've seen in awhile. All the usual [top programs], Miami, Florida, I think he's even getting mail from Texas…all over. Pete Carroll is a good rule of thumb. I think the last time Pete Carroll was in our building was for Ryan Harris."

Despite all the early recruiting attention Floyd is receiving, coach Scanlan believes Michael is taking it in stride.

"He's pretty well grounded. He has some good friends that will keep his head from getting too big," coach Scanlan said. "He isn't that type of kid anyway. He just enjoys life and whatever life brings his way.

"He's not an introvert. When he's in the room, you know it, but not in a bad way. I think he's well liked. He's in a position where it would be easy to dislike him because he gets a bunch of attention, but I'm not seeing anything like that."

Fans in the area can catch Cretin-Derham Hall's (2-0) homecoming game tonight against Roseville. The game begins at 7:00 p.m. and it will be played at the University of St. Thomas.

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