Stephens off to a fast start's No. 23 rated running back, Bradley Stephens of McAllen Memorial high school (Texas) has the pressure of duplicating his statistics from last year while he's a marked man on offense.

Bradley Stephens (5-10 190-pounds) committed to Texas A&M in February and despite being pursued by several schools, he is staying the course for the time being.

"Right now he's just concentrating on his season right now," explained Craig Stephens, Bradley's father when asked about his son's recruitment. "He's just put the recruiting behind him until after the season. His main focus right now is just winning games.

"He did see some of the Notre Dame game this weekend. Notre Dame was playing a good team, and at the end of the day sometimes you can't win them all. It's tough when a team loses like that, and the websites go crazy. It's got to be tough to be a coach these days, with the technology and the instantaneous reaction people have. Notre Dame will be all right. These kids got to go somewhere. Notre Dame is going to get their share of good players.

"Notre Dame has been staying in contact," Mr. Stephens said. "I'm not privy to all the conversations that Bradley has, but I think he talked to the offensive coordinator, Mike Haywood last week. I do know they are staying in contact with Bradley, but nothing has changed on his end, he's just concentrating on his season."

The focus is paying off for Stephens as he's is piling up big chunks of yardage as he had in prior years.

"It's going pretty good right now, they're 2-1," Mr. Stephens said. "He's leading the 5A state in rushing right now. He's off to a good start. He has close to 600 yards on about 65 carries and seven touchdowns in three games.

"If he doesn't have a 300-yard game people make it seem like he's had a bad game. So we're just talking to him, telling him to go have fun and let it come to you. This last game he had a good game. He had 250 yards and five touchdowns in the first half before they took him out." Top Stories