Nuss Excited About ND Visit

Ashburn, Va. offensive lineman Andrew Nuss was on hand last week for Notre Dame's game against Michigan on his official visit to Notre Dame. We spoke to Nuss on Tuesday to get his thoughts on his big weekend.

The weekend didn't start off as well as he'd hoped, but Andrew Nuss finally made it South Bend. "I had a great time," said Andrew Nuss about his official visit to Notre Dame this past weekend. "John Ryan was my host and I had a lot of fun with him.

"I also hung out with Chris Stewart a lot, Jimmy Clausen, Mike Ragone, pretty much everyone. We had a lot of fun."

The flying experience many of us have fallen victim to also hit Nuss over the weekend.

"I didn't get there until about a half an hour before the game," he said. "I missed all the pre-game stuff. Our first flight got canceled so we had to wait for another flight. Then the next flight got delayed an hour because one of the passengers was having heart problems. We didn't even land in Chicago until 9:30 a.m. and then we had to drive there. We finally got there, but I had a blast."

Saturday's game experience was the first for Nuss at Notre Dame.

"I'd never been to a game," he said. "I loved it. It was unbelievable. The fans, the band, it was amazing. It was better than I expected."

Nuss didn't find himself up on the crowd after a touchdown, however.

"I thought about it but I didn't go up there," he said. "That's just not me. They got (Joseph) Barksdale up there though. They had about 30 people hold him up there but they did it."

The two-way player also said he spent most of the game doing a little selling of his own.

"I sat next to Greg Little so I talked to him a lot about it," Nuss said. "He's a really good guy. I also sat next to a junior running back, Jonas Gray. I talked to both of those guys about it. They both seemed real interested."

Nuss, who plays both offensive line and defensive tackle in high school, also got to spend some time with the Irish coaching staff over the weekend.

"I met with both coach Latina and coach Oliver," he said. "They said it's still up in the air as to where I play (offense or defense). They'll put me where they need me. It depends on recruiting and how well they fill there needs. I don't really care where I play. I just want to get on the field."

The experience Nuss had over the weekend just solidified his thoughts on Notre Dame.

"I was a solid commitment when I committed but this just doubles it," he said. "I had a great time. I just can't wait to get up there and get going. I love it there."

Nuss loves it so much he plans a return trip soon.

"I'm thinking about going back up for the Stanford game," he added. "I want to get up there and do the whole pre-game thing. I just want to get up there again." Top Stories