Donald Sets Irish Visit

Four-star linebacker Chris Donald is down to two schools at this point and has scheduled his first official visit. We spoke with Donald on Thursday to find out the latest.

Huntingdon, Tenn. linebacker Chris Donald says he's getting close to making his final decision.

"Sorry I haven't answered but we've got homecoming this week and I've been real busy with that," he said. "It's a big week here and we've been practicing hard for the game."

Donald is down to Tennessee and Notre Dame at this point and has scheduled his first official visit.

"I'm going to Notre Dame for Purdue (September 30)," Donald confirmed. "I'm going with my parents and I just want to check it out when they're playing a game. I've never been there for a game."

Donald has been to Tennessee numerous times for games including last weekend when the Volunteers faced Florida in their rival game.

"It was fun," Donald said of the unofficial visit to Tennessee. "I took my mom for the first time. We all enjoyed it. It was a pretty good game."

Lately it appears the Volunteers have jumped out to a slight lead for Donald.

"I'd say a little bit," Donald said when asked if Tennessee might have taken the lead at this point. "Nothing major…..I just know more about them."

The 6-foot-3, 220-pound linebacker said he hasn't made any plans after his Notre Dame visit.

"I'll have to see what happens," he said when asked if he planned to visit Tennessee officially after his Notre Dame visit. "I'm going to check out Notre Dame and then we'll see what I need to do. I really don't know what I plan to do. It's just those two and then it will be decision time."

With the Volunteers being his childhood favorite, and the school being closer to home, would that be considered an advantage for Tennessee?

"Not really," Donald said. "Knoxville is over four hours away so it's a drive either way. It's just going to come down to where I feel the most comfortable around the players and the coaches." Top Stories