Trattou Returns from Irish Visit

Defensive end prospect Justin Trattou was in South Bend this past weekend for his official visit to Notre Dame. We caught up with the 6-foot-4, 250-pound Irish commitment to find out his thoughts on his first game at Notre Dame and his weekend.

Five-star defensive end prospect Justin Trattou has seen his stock skyrocket lately despite the fact that he's already committed to Notre Dame. His senior performance so far has pushed him to the elite of college recruiting and a five-star ranking.

Trattou has returned from his official visit to Notre Dame this past weekend and he future Irish player says he loved his time in South Bend.

"It was my first time at a big-time college football game," said Trattou. "It was my first time to a ND game. You can kind of tell what it's like on TV, but there's nothing like being there. It was a great experience.

"The crowd was really loud. There was a fourth down right by the student section and it got really loud. It was a lot louder than I thought it would be.

"I got to stand out there on the field before the game and you could hear the crowd. You can feel the excitement. It was pretty awesome."

As per tradition, Trattou did find himself up on the student section when the Irish scored.

"They got me up there," Trattou said when asked if he got thrown up on the crowd to do push ups after an Irish score. "It was fun. I was up when they scored 14."

His host for the weekend was Casey Cullen.

"He was a really cool guy," he said of Cullen. "I got to hang out with a lot of players. I can really see myself fitting in there really well. They all seemed like all the guys that I hang out with here." Trattou said he also hung out a bit with the two other official visitors this weekend, Kerry Neal and Matt Summers-Gavin.

"Kerry's a really cool guy," he said. "He seems like the type of guy I could really hang out.

"He seemed to be having a great time," Trattou said of Summers-Gavin. "We didn't really talk much business. We just had a little fun. I don't see how anyone wouldn't want to come here."

He also spent some time with head coach Charlie Weis.

"He's just really down-to-earth. We just talk like two guys talking," he said. There's no real thing to it. I'm really comfortable with him. I think he's the best coach in college football."

The Don Bosco Prep (Ramsey, N.J) high school star now says he'll focus on closing out his senior season before heading to Notre Dame next summer.

"We're 3-0 right now," Trattou said of his team's season so far. "We just played our three out of state games. We have a bye week this week and then we get back into it. I'm leading my team in sacks right now. I have five. I'm going both ways. I feel a lot stronger this year."

Note: If you haven't watched Trattou's latest films from his senior season, I suggest you do. You can find them linked in the lower left-hand side of his profile page. Top Stories