Ben Martin set to hit the road's No. 7-rated defensive end Ben Martin of La Salle High School (Cincinnati, Ohio) had designs on waiting until the end of his senior season before making his official visits, but the excitement of the college football season has led him to change his plans.

Ben Martin (6-foot-6, 220 pounds) didn't think he'd mind waiting until the end of his season before he started making his official visits, but during the first month of the college football season, he started to change his mind.

"A lot of things have changed so I figured that I might as well do it now," Martin replied when asked why he decided to take official visits during the football season. "I want to take some visits before recruiting gets too crazy. I guess the internal pressure has gotten to me. I'm a little itchy now. I want to see some places and maybe get this over with.

"After watching all the college football every weekend you want to know where you want to go to. You want to know how that team is doing. I guess it's just watching all the sports and watching all these games. The pressure to make a decision is getting to be a little too much now."

Martin has narrowed his list of schools to Ohio State, Notre Dame, Tennessee and Florida. His first official will send him to South Bend this weekend as the Irish meet the Stanford Cardinal.

"I'll be there this weekend," Marin said of his plans to visit Notre Dame. "I've been there before, but I want to see what it's like for the players on a regular basis. I want to see how the players live during the season. This is an official visit. It's my first official."

"I haven't been up to Ohio State at all this season. I want to go to the Michigan game, because I know that's going to be crazy. I haven't decided if I will take that as an official visit.

"I've been to Tennessee for the Florida game. That was an unofficial visit," Martin said. "I love the fans in Knoxville. It's a great place. That game was crazy, it was real crazy.

"I haven't been to Gainesville on an official. I don't know when I'll do that, but I'll set that up sometime soon." Top Stories