Benn trying to sort out options's No.1 ranked wide receiver prospect Arrelious Benn of Dunbar high school (Washington, D.C.) has made official visits to Notre Dame and Illinois. Neither visit has made his college decision any clearer, so he will take visits to Florida State and Maryland to see what each program has to offer.

Arrelious Benn (6-foot-2, 190 pounds) enjoyed his trip to Notre Dame on September 9, but it wasn't enough to push the Irish to the top of his college choices, so Arrelious took a visit to Champaign (Ill.) the following weekend to check out Ron Zook's program.

"It was a good trip. I liked it," Benn said of his official visit to Illinois. "They just upset Michigan State. They just need a few more things in order to turn the corner. They just need a couple more players. They're at a turning point. Their defense is solid, but they're playing a lot of young guys. They have a young quarterback. They'll challenge for the national championship in probably three years.

"I'm still looking around. I was looking to see if I could be a difference maker. I thought I could fit in at Illinois.

Next up for the nation's top receiver is a visit to Tallahassee to watch the Seminoles take on North Carolina State.

"I have a visit to Florida State," Benn said. "I'm still looking at them. I still have interest in them, so I'm going to go see what it's like down there. I know they can throw the ball, I just want to see what it's like down there.

"I'm going to Maryland the following week when they play Florida State."

Notre Dame appeared to have the lead for Benn's services until recently. When an athlete begins to back away from a school it generally indicates that there is an issue that a school must overcome.

"Notre Dame really doesn't really have anything to overcome," explained Benn. "I'm really just looking right now. If I do want to go there, I want to make sure I'm making the best decision for me. I just want to keep my eyes open. There isn't any pressure for me to commit, so I'm going to take my time."

With all the recruiting calls and travel Benn has endured, he's trying to stay focused and in the best shape possible.

"I've been working out, trying to get my body in shape, because I'm going to be leaving high school early," Benn said. "I'm really working on my agility and speed. I don't need to lift weights. I'll stay toned up, but other than that it's about speed. I have a trainer that I've been working with him since my tenth grade year. We do a lot of cone drills, reaction drills and ladder drills. I work on picking my feet up and improving my endurance." Top Stories