Don't Play Well and See What Happens

The last thing Notre Dame head coach Charlie Weis said to his players on Thursday was, "Just food for thought, if you lay an egg on Saturday, just imagine how the bye week is going to be around here."

"Alls I know is they knew very clearly of my implication," Weis stated.

Doubtful Weis is talking about just winning. If the 12th-ranked Irish (4-1) don't execute at high level this weekend against Stanford (0-5), the following week isn't going to be much fun.

*Sophomore fullback Asaph Schwapp went under the knife, Wednesday, repairing the damage in his left knee. The surgery revealed the injury wasn't as bad as originally thought, but still something to shelve Schwapp for the campaign. There was ligament damage but no cartilage tear and the current time-table for his return is spring ball.

"They thought it was going to be cartilage and ligament, and there was no cartilage wrong, there was a ligament they went ahead and fixed, it wasn't completely ruptured," Weis said.

*Travis Thomas' status will go "right to game day." The senior linebacker has been practicing but hasn't had any contact to test his bruised ribs. The true evaluation will come Saturday morning to see how much pain he is dealing with. Weis wouldn't reveal much about the process other than that it will be behind closed doors. He doesn't want the Stanford players and coaches observing.

"There is things we do that you won't see," Weis stated. "There is a lot of times that you just get another guy in the locker room and go ahead, we've had full fledge workouts with some people depending on how much locker room space. I'm serious, over the years I've seen some crazy stuff, and I'm not talking about people getting shot up and stuff, I'm talking about getting tested out to find out whether or not if you can go."

If Thomas can go, he will start or enter the game quickly.

Weis worries about the other team observing his guys during pregame, because he has several people that will be watching Stanford.

*Ambrose Wooden said after practice that he is completely healthy. The head coach disagreed on Thursday.

"I wouldn't say he is completely healthy. No, but the one thing at this stage of the year, probably half the team is in that category where they are not completely healthy, it's who can best play with bumps and bruises and who's not bruised at all."

*It was another typical Thursday practice with quite a few NFL scouts roaming around the sidelines. That is the conclusion to a busy day on Notre Dame's campus for these guys.

"They come in here in the morning and they have tape available from early in the morning on," Weis said. "Then what happens is they have appointments where Ron Powlus talks about our guys, (trainer) Jim Russ talks about the health of our guys, Ruben Mendoza talks about the condition of our guys, so we set up times where those people are available to talk to the whole group. The rest of the time they just sit there and evaluate tape. What I do is spend 10 minutes answering big picture questions. Most of them either know me personally or know of me so they know when they ask me a question I'm going to answer as honestly as I possibly can, because I'm not going to say one thing to one guy and then say something different to somebody else, because I think if you lie to them and say something that's not true it's going to comeback in a wash anyway. So the thing is you just have to tell them how you observe it." Top Stories