Jones is waiting to hear from ND No. 9 rated running back Gerald Jones of Millwood high school (Oklahoma City, Okla.) is a dynamic player that would excel in Charlie Weis' offense and they Irish need an athlete that is capable of making plays in the open field.

Gerald Jones (6-1, 190 pounds) had Notre Dame high on list of schools that he wanted to attend, but despite some early recruiting attention, Gerald hasn't been hearing from the Irish.

"It seemed like recruiting was getting really heavy with Notre Dame, but now it seems like they've kind of laid off lately," Jones responded when asked about his interest in Notre Dame. "They could be really busy with everything, and I haven't really had time to call them. I still get text messages for time to time from coach Weis.

"I'm going to try an call them to see if they want to set up an official visit, but I'm not sure they want me to or not. They haven't said anything about it, but I was going to call coach Weis and ask him. That would be fine if they wanted to set up an official."

Although Notre Dame hasn't been keeping a close eye on him, he has been watching them.

"I saw the first game and I saw the Purdue game," Jones said. "I got a chance to play against George West so I like to keep up on him. The first game he had a nice little return and in the Purdue game he scored on that nice little reverse."

It's difficult to know the exact reason the Irish haven't been in contact, but if Notre Dame has moved on, there are several top programs that are still interested in signing Jones.

"I'd have to say Virginia Tech is recruiting me the hardest right now." Jones said. "They've been recruiting pretty hard since the beginning of the football season. I think I'm going to visit them October 21 when they play Southern Mississippi. I'm going to Tennessee November 5. They're recruiting me pretty hard. They text me a lot. Nebraska texts me every day and Texas Tech calls every couple weeks."

Jones has had some big games in his career at Millwood, but this year he's trying to spread the ball around and get his teammates involved.

"I think I have 11 touchdown passes for around 800 passing yards," Jones said. "I'm not sure on my rushing yards but I think I have between 700 and 800 yards and six rushing touchdowns. I really don't run that much any more though because we have so many good athletes on the team that we spread the ball around. I like giving them the ball, and getting them some attention.

"We average about 48 points a game. Our defense needs a little work though, we allow about 7 points pre game." Top Stories