Gray back in South Bend

Gary Gray committed to the Irish after his official visit in September. After a month without seeing the campus he's heading back to be with his future teammates this weekend as the Irish take on the Bruins of UCLA.

Notre Dame will host several big-time recruits this weekend, but there isn't a bigger recruit in the 2007 class than cornerback Gary Gray (5-foot-11, 165 pounds) of Richland Northeast high school (Columbia, S.C.) Making the trip possible is Gary's coach Duane Wagus.

"We're just coming up this weekend," Coach Wagus said of his plans to bring Gary to South Bend. "He's excited about Notre Dame. He needs a breath of fresh air, so we're going back up there so he can be a part of Notre Dame. He wants to go see them play and be apart of the team. It's his team and he wants to be around his team. He wants to get up there with the players and get up there with the coaches.

"He's not near his team like his other friends. They're all going to South Carolina. They can go down and see their coaches every day. His team is farther away. I just want to bring him up to see another game and allow him to say, "I went to see my team" to his friends. He's excited."

Notre Dame needs to stay on top of Gray, because the there are a number of schools that haven't stopped recruiting him.

"Teams are still recruiting him," coach Wagus explained. "But Gary just says, "That's great and I hope you guys do well, but I belong at Notre Dame and my team is in South Bend." He wears Notre Dame stuff every day and he's proud of Notre Dame. There's no wavering.

v"Coach Weis and coach Lewis make sure they talk to him all the time. They keep track of his games every week. They do a super job. When they went on the road a couple weeks ago he was one of the first recruits they went to see. They had three coaches that stopped by the game, coach Latina, coach Parmalee and coach Lewis. Coach Lewis came by the school for part of the day. They call him every week and coach Weis talks to him.

"Going up there and hanging out with the players will be good," coach Wagus said. "He only has about two months and a couple weeks before he needs to be at Notre Dame, so he doesn't have too long. He'll be the first kid from our district to ever have graduated early and go on to play in college. He actually had to get special permission. He's excited and he's just ready to get up there." Top Stories