Paskorz is staying positive

Steve Paskorz of Hampton high school (Allison Park, Pa.) worked hard during the offseason in order to bounce back from an ankle injury he suffered during his junior season. All the hard work had been paying off until he suffered another setback last weekend.

Steve Paskorz (6-foot-2, 220 pounds) labored through his junior year due to ligament damage he had suffered to his ankle. Eventually in the spring he decided it was best to have surgery to repair the damage. After a lengthy rehab and working to get into football shape, Paskorz finally began to hit stride. For the first time in over a year, he felt strong and he was able to perform at the level that had made him a national recruit. Last weekend the Notre Dame commitment suffered another setback.

"I'm doing pretty good, but I've been doing better," Paskorz said when asked about his the injury he suffered. "As of now, I know it's something with my hamstring. It feels like I just tore something in my hamstring. I'm going to get an MRI to make sure that it's not really messed. It can't be too bad because I'm up walking around without too much pain.

"During the game I was running to the outside and it just felt like some had punched me in the leg. I thought I was just breaking a tackle and I took a couple more steps and my leg just gave out and I went right down. It felt like someone punched me in the back of the leg. It tightened up on me and I knew I had to go down. On that play I just passed 4,000 [career rushing] yards. It's weird.

"I knew right away that it was my hamstring," Paskorz said. "My dad pulled his hamstring before and he always tells me to stretch. I always do stretch, but sometimes this happens when you get overworked, especially in the cold weather. I knew as soon as I felt that pop and I saw that no one was behind me that it was the hamstring."

The most difficult part of this injury is that Steve had felt that he was beginning to get back to full strength after last season's injury.

"[My parents] were worried that it was my ankle or something like that," Steve explained. "At the beginning of the season my ankle was still getting used to being worked and it would get stiff in the second half. The past couple games my ankle was really starting to feel good and it's tough going down just as I'm starting to feel like myself. These last three games I've really felt strong on it. It's just a bummer that I had to go down when I was at the strong point of my season.

"I guess I was more mad that I didn't make it to 4,000 yards. I didn't know during the game. After being taken out I heard the announcer say, ‘Steve Paskorz reached the 4,000-yard milestone'… that was pretty good to know. " Top Stories