Wednesday Weis Transcript

Head coach Charlie Weis met with the media after Wednesday's practice. Here are his comments from tonight's press conference

Question: Why hasn't Asaph been at practice lately?

Weis: I'm letting him spend more time in academics and rehab. It's a perfect time to be able to take a guy and let him spend more time academically. It's a golden opportunity for us. Anytime I get an opportunity to let one of our players spend some more time academically I do that. Because his major 2 roles are just rehab and school it gives me an opportunity I can set up and we have a football meeting, he misses the football meeting. The most important thing is to get health to be ready to go in the spring.

Q: Did Lambert move up the chart or did Wooden move down?

W: Lambert got an opportunity to play full-time and is tough to replace, he played pretty well.

How do you talk to Ambrose about that?

W: He knows that he is right there in the mix. It isn't like he's a second teamer. This isn't a demotion there. It's I and IA. He's that close. You can only put two guys out there at a time unless it's nickel and he's out there in nickel so he's not looking at it like it's a demotion.

Q: How has the scout team been this week?

W: We spent a lot more time today. Yesterday the offensive scout team got beat up pretty good. See, the first time you are doing this, running the option, it's a different deal than a lot of the other offenses that you end up doing. They spent a lot of their meeting time in a walkthrough type of thing. They didn't put their uniforms on because that would be extra practice. I'm assuming that today's practice, the offensive show team did a better job simulating Navy than they did yesterday.

Q: Do you spend more time with the show team on weeks like this?

W: No, I just spend more time encouraging them in the meeting situation. Sometimes people look at the show team as not being important. So when the coach starts out the team meeting today talking about the offensive show team, I'm thinking along the lines you are how important the show team is. Usually you get better production out of them because I put an importance on them.

Q: Who's running QB for the show team?

W: Demetrius is running it.

Q: Is he fair game?

W: No. They bump him a few times then I yell at them. That's why they wear red jerseys. That means don't touch.

Q: How's he look running it?

W: I'm on the other end. Could he run that offense? He'd probably look pretty good running it to tell you the truth. He has a lot of skills, but if he had his way I think he'd rather be dropping back and slinging it.

Q: Can you elaborate on the play of Joe Brockington?

W: He has been a solid backup this entire year. Last year he was second in the depth chart, but Hoyte was so much more experienced than him we were almost afraid to take him off the field last year but this year with Travis being fairly inexperienced, just very athletic, when Joe got the opportunity to play and played well it gave us the opportunity to get them both on the field at the same time.

Q: You did some classy things here at home after the game last year, do you expect anything on the road at Navy?

W: There's no doubt about it. To be honest with you, not knowing that teams actually did that, when I found out they did things like that, it was something special. So it's only right to do something like that. Sometimes it's just doing the right thing and that's definitely the right thing. These players mean more than just football players. These guys are going to be defending our country. It's a little different than going to work on Wall Street or going to the NFL. It's a different deal.

Q: Does Navy's style make it more difficult than other games?

W: The whole thing is when they play a game they shorten the game. You have to ready in a game like this for fewer opportunities, fewer possessions. Whether they are ahead or behind. You have to be more efficient in your own drives because there are going to be fewer opportunities in the game.

Q: What's lead to the D-line's improvement?

W: They were already pretty good players, I just think they've cranked it up a few notches. I don't know if it was sense of urgency or settling in, but what happens sometimes is you start getting some confidence. As that Michigan State game went on and they gained more confidence I think that had a positive residual effect and I think that's what happened.

Q: Is this the last year for Parcells?

W: I know he has another year left in his contract. I know he has that house built up in Saratoga. That's a true contradiction. I know he doesn't want to go out a loser; he wants to go out a winner because he's a winner. I don't think he's in any hurry to go running out of there to tell you the truth. He will have his Augusts in Saratoga before too long.

Q: Have you heard any of the sound bytes with Terrell Owens, what's your take on that?

W: I've heard a few. My wife is always getting on me saying she closes her eyes and thinks it's me talking.

Q: How early will you get there this weekend and get things going?

W: We move time up accordingly. We will get started way earlier. Pregame will be earlier and everything will be significantly earlier. Two hours and change earlier than our normal game day preparations.

Q: When will you leave Friday?

W: We will leave at 2: 30. I don't like htem missing class. Everyone is done with class by 2. I just don't like missing class unless we have to. I'll miss class when we go on a west coast trip but I always prefer to let these guys finish their schedule. It's a short flight, we will get in there, do our meetings, chapel, and get to bed early enough for an early start.

Q: How well do you know Steve Beuerlein who will be doing the color commentary for this week's game?

W: I've only talked to him a few times. He was here this weekend for the game. I came out on Friday from my walkthrough and he was here with his kid running up and down the isle in here and we talked for a few minutes. And I talked to him for a few minutes this week because his doing the game.

Q: How has improvement been with the run game?

W: We are emphasizing trying to be better in the run game especially after our performance last week. I think we were better yesterday and better today and I expect to be better tomorrow. We'll see how that plays out on Saturday. I've seen improvement from the game. It didn't take much to get better the first day after how we finished on Saturday. Hopefully we get better everyday, better by Saturday. I'm hoping it's a slow uptake there. Top Stories