Weis Transcript

Here's what head coach Charlie Weis had to say on Thursday after practice.

*With the hash marks being so far apart in the college game, how does that affect you with the boundary corner and the field corner?: "It definitely does. That's why you'll see more singled up or rolled to the short side of the field. It makes a big difference in the style of the corner you want. The two positions aren't exactly the same. What people do- let's say in an obvious passing situation- what most people would do is get into a 3-5-1 set because you don't have much room on that side of the field. That guy usually gets singled up or he's rolled up over the top if he's a dynamic wide receiver to take him out of the game. It's the way it works."

*Were you surprised by the reaction of the comments you made earlier in the week about Notre Dame dropping in the polls?: "I'm not surprised. I find it comical. There's a difference. John Riggens has a radio show. I know John Riggens so I went on his show today. That's the first thing he asked me. He said I was complaining. I told him I wasn't complaining. I was responding to the question and asking a question in return. I said I have no idea where we deserve to be in the eyes of the public and tell me at the end of the year when those things will take care of themselves. Because most of the people in this room know me by know, they know that I'm going to answer as honestly as possible without giving away everything. You answer a question and I find it comical that people think I'm whining and complaining. I just asked a rhetorical question. I thought it was kind of comical."

*Do you think you would ever change your approach to avoid that?: "That wouldn't be fair to you. I could do that but by not being honest in return, I shaft them. That's what ends up happening. So what would happen? I would come in and not answer any questions from all of you. Even if I don't agree with what you're saying, I need to be fair in return. That's the way it is."

*Do you enjoy the give-and-take (from the media)?: "In this room I do. In this room, it's interesting to watch the different angles of the stories. You ask one set of questions, he asks another set of questions and she asks another set of questions and you can see what the stories are going to be about. The next day, you see how it all plays out."

*Is the way you deal with us (the media) a reflection of your interest in possibly going into the media?: "I have to be fair to people. That's what it comes down to. Hey, we lose a game like we did to Michigan, you deserve the abuse. You're the head coach. You deserve to take it. Why be defensive about something like that? If it goes bad, it goes bad.

"I've always tried to be honest. Sometimes that's a fault. It can be perceived as a fault. A lot of people would just say nothing. They'd sit there and say, ‘I'm not going to answer that question' or ‘Next question.' Sometimes I laugh at a question and you guys know the answer even before I give it. How many times has that happened?

"There are days when I'm in a good mood and others when I'm not. But I try to be fair. That's all I can ask for is to be fair. When I first got here, what I said to everyone initially was interpreted as I wasn't going to talk or be assessable. I thought there should be a party line and some kind of coordination of the communication between the football program and the media. That's what I felt. Not that everyone agrees with me or I agree with you, I think it's right to be fair."

*For three or four days now, Notre Dame has been a topic of discussion…: "Let's tweak this story. Let's say when you asked that question, if I said, ‘We deserve to be number seven in the polls.' That's different. That's a statement of what I believe to be fact. The whole spin would have been deservedly so. But I didn't even say we were a top-10 team. I said I don't know. I wasn't being a wise guy. I was being honest. I really don't know. I don't know who is sixth, seventh, eighth, nine, ten or eleven. It all depends on who is voting. Most of those one loss teams have themselves closer to five than closer to 10."

*Did the run game improve again today?: "Let's see how it looks on Saturday. It's been three good days with the run game. That's practice. Let's see what it looks like on Saturday. The players have made a consciousness effort to get better in that area."

*Do you miss coaching in high school?: "I loved coaching high school. But as a high school football coach, that's the best job in the world as coach because you are so much more than a coach. You are a second father. Sometimes, you're like a first father to these guys. You are a guidance counselor and a community leader. You are so intertwined in the whole community. You can do so much good for so many people in that role. To be honest, I would have never left but I was discouraged out by older people in their teaching careers that were counting down the days to retirement. I was in my mid-20's. I asked, ‘Is this going to be me for the next 40 years counting down the days until I retire?' I love coaching high school."

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