Junior Wide Receiver has Irish Offer

Allen high school (Texas) junior Dan Buckner will be one of the top prospects in Texas next season. Playmaking ability and potential is what college recruiters covet and Buckner has already caught the attention of several big-time programs.

There are a lot of tall receivers at the high school level, but the elite wide receivers have the ability to dominate a game. Dan Buckner (6-foot-5, 195 pounds) has all the tools and he will be one of the top wide receivers in the country next season.

"With my combination of size and speed I can pretty much do anything," Buckner replied when asked what differentiated him from other players at his level. "I'm not a slow guy. I'm one of the fastest, if not the fastest, guys on my team. I run good routes. I can get the jump balls. I can blow by the defense. Pretty much anything you need I can do it.

"I feel if I can get the ball every play that I can do something with it. I have a knack for seeing the game around me. I have great pre-snap reads and I can see the play happen before we run it."

It is very early into the recruiting process for juniors, but Buckner already has the attention of several top programs.

I've been hearing a lot from Texas, LSU, Oklahoma, Texas A&M, Texas Tech, and Iowa lately," Buckner said. "My official offers are from Notre Dame, Rice and Baylor."

"I did talk to coach Weis last week and after they played UCLA coach Ianello text messaged me. They're my first love because they were my first scholarship offer.

"I like Notre Dame a lot, they're a prestigious school, but at this point I'm only a junior and I'm not sure what I want to do right now. I don't have a favorite school. I'm just going to wait to see what happens, but Notre Dame is definitely an option. The only thing that would be a concern is how far it is, but I don't think that will be a factor."

Distance wasn't an issue when Buckner was considering football camps last summer.

"I went up there this summer for Notre Dame's football camp," Buckner explained. "At the time [I was considering camps] I watched the wide receivers that were around my size like Maurice Stovall and Jeff Samardzija and I saw what they were doing there. I knew they recruited big and I felt like I would fit in.

"The camp was real nice. I met all the coaches and saw all the facilities. The coaches were all down to earth and real nice. The campus itself was real nice. Just walking around it and looking at the building you could feel the tradition flowing through you. I was just happy to be a part of it the days that I was there.

"It's a great school outside of football," Buckner said. "It has a great tradition. I know the academics that they have and I just wanted to go up there and see everything and get to know the coaches and be the part of it.

"Notre Dame has been around and their tradition goes way back. They're old school. They've always had tradition. There are schools that go on their spurts, but Notre Dame will always be there. It will always be a top prestigious school.

"When I got mail from them I watched how they used their players like Samardzija and Stovall. I've looked up their recruits like Jimmy Clausen and I thought that it would be a great place to be if I had the opportunity to go there. So I decided top take a trip up there."

Through seven games Buckner has 32 receptions for over 40 yards and five touchdowns. As a sophomore he had 21 receptions for 345 yards and three touchdowns.

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