Posluszny Will Return to Notre Dame

Even though there are still three months until Notre Dame finalizes the 2007 recruiting class, they have begun laying the groundwork for the 2008 class. One player the Irish coaches have interest in is Dave Posluszny of Hopewell High School (Aliquippa, Pa.)

Is Notre Dame interested in David Posluszny (6-2, 200 pounds)? John Latina, Notre Dame's offensive line coach, recruits Pennsylvania and he stopped into Hopewell High School to check in on Dave last year., when he was a sophomore. That's probably a very good indication of Notre Dame's interest.

"The first time [Notre Dame] was in touch with me was last year when I was a sophomore," Posluszny replied when asked if the Notre Dame coaches had been in contact with him. "I was very surprised because I hadn't received any mail from them and then my coach said coach Latina stopped by to say hello.

"I haven't had an opportunity to speak with anyone on the phone, the calls have been between my coach and the [Notre Dame] staff. My coach told me that they seem very interested in me.

"I went to their one-day camp over the summer," Posluszny explained. "I got to meet all the coaches. I got to sit down and talk to coach Weis. That went really well. He seemed very professional. I really liked him. I really liked all of them. Everyone seemed very professional.

"September 1 they started sending me mail, and then a month ago coach Latina stopped by school again to say hello."

Posluszny made second trip to South Bend on September 9, to watch his brother Paul play linebacker for Penn State.

"We really didn't get a chance to walk around much," Dave said of his visit in September. "But this Saturday my brother Stan and I are going to go to the game against North Carolina.

"I'm just looking forward to talking to the coaches. I just want to see what type of atmosphere it is on a Saturday gameday."

Pulling Posluszny from the Nittnay Lions will be difficult enough, but Dave will be as heavily recruited as any athlete in Pennsylvania.

"Right now I have three offers from Pitt, West Virginia and Louisville," Dave said. "Other schools that are recruiting me the most along with Notre Dame are Penn State, Ohio State, Purdue and Michigan State.

"I'm going to head to the Pittsburgh for the West Virginia game. I'm also going to try to make it to a game in Morgantown.

"I went to a one-day camp [at West Virginia]. That's when they told me they were going to offer me. Then on September 1, I got the offer from them. I really like them a lot…they're cool."

Hopewell is 8-1 on the season as they head to the first round of the playoffs against Trinity. Dave is fortunate to be back for the final games of the 2006 season after being sidelined early in the year with an injury.

"I got to play the first two games and then in the third game I separated my shoulder," he explained. "I missed the next four games. I'm still dealing [with the injury], and it's something that I'm going to have to deal with for the rest of the year before it's completely healed, but I started playing again two games ago.

"I like to think of myself as an aggressive player and a smart player. As the season has moved along I feel that my instincts against the running game have really improved. If there's one thing I could work on, it's that I could learn more. You can always learn more about the game."

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