Two trips remain for Harrison Smith's No. 25 rated safety, Harrison Smith of Knoxville Catholic high school (Tenn.) still has a couple visits planned before he makes his college decision. He won't make it back to Notre Dame, but the Irish are still very much in the race.

Harrison Smith (6-foot-3, 215 pounds) made another visit to Tennessee this weekend to watch the Volunteers take on the LSU Tigers.

"I went and saw the Tennessee game this weekend," Smith responded when asked about his weekend. "It was a tight game. It was a good game to watch. I kind of thought that LSU had a chance to pull that game out.

"There were a lot of recruits there. Chris Walker was there. I think Marvin Austin was there, Terrance Toliver and Ahmad Paige. There were a bunch of other guys there as well.

"The stadium was pretty loud," Smith said. The student section at Notre Dame gets pretty loud, but overall Tennessee's crowd is louder."

Harrison has two official visits remaining. He will visit Tennessee the December 8, and the other will take him to Tuscaloosa, Ala.

"I'm going to Alabama to watch them play Auburn the weekend after this one," Smith explained. "I told them that I'd come down and watch them play. They've been recruiting me pretty good from the beginning."

Smith has visited Notre Dame on four occasions, and he has been staying in touch with the Irish coaching staff as well as learning from watching Notre Dame's Tom Zbikowski.

"I talked to coach Weis earlier in the week," Smith explained. "He just wanted to see what was up and to see how things were going. He doesn't pressure me to make a decision at all. I really like that.

"My dad taped the Notre Dame game. I saw Zibby's return. I've been watching him to see how he returns, because I do kind of run like him. He gets it and takes it up field real quick. He usually makes a guy miss and then just goes. I did that on my last return and that's the one I scored on.

"Right now we're getting ready for Friday," Smith said. "It's the playoffs and we play Austin East. We beat them in the regular season by 11, but they're pretty good. We watched film today, and tomorrow we'll go through their plays in practice." Top Stories