Weis Transcript

*Here is what head coach Charlie Weis addressed with the media after practice on Wednesday:

*Air Force head coach Fisher DeBerry has beaten Notre Dame before. What type of impact does that have on his program?: "I've never gone against Fisher DeBerry. I know he's beaten us three times. He's been there a long time and he's always been a good coach. I have a lot of respect for Fisher DeBerry and his coaching staff but I've never gone against him. To me, there is not much revelence other than the fact that they have confidence that they can beat us. That's the way they should think. I'd hate to think someone coaches a team who thinks they are going to lose. I think they have confidence that they can win."

*Does their performance against Tennessee hit home with your players?: "There are a lot of different elements of games we show them. We show them games that gets their attention, games like Tennessee where they have good athletes and see them moving the ball at will like they normally do. It goes to prove that it doesn't matter who they go against. They do a good job at what they do and they're good at doing it."

*When did you think Joe Brockington was capable if getting on the field to make a contribution?: "Actually, I thought he could have got on the field last year. But he was behind (Brandon) Hoyte last year. We didn't substitute a lot because we had a couple of senior guys who had been playing forever and Joe was relatively inexperienced at the time. This wasn't a matter of confidence. We had him in our two-deep last year for most of the year. He had his back done in the off-season and after he came back from that, he got in better and better shape. He was closer to getting on the field. We tweaked our linebacker rotation and moved Travis over there to get more athletic. Now we got the best of both worlds because we have them both on the field."

*J.J. Jansen is perfect on snaps. What does he mean to this team?: "A long snapper/short snapper only gets noticed when they do something bad. The fact that you don't notice him is the best compliment you could say. He's gone relatively unnoticed. He's not perfect in practice like everybody else."

*Can he play in the NFL?: "They are guys in the NFL who all they do is long snap. It's not uncommon anymore. We had a guy in New England and he came out of a small school in California. We signed him and his next contract was worth $6 million. Snapping is an art and it's not underappreciated."

*I noticed that Anthony Vernaglia wasn't out there in the media portion of practice. Is he on the same schedule as Asaph Schwapp?: "He's off the crutches. He doesn't have something that needs fixed. Asaph is different. He had something that needed to be fixed and we were trying to get it to heal enough to make it to the end of the year and that didn't happen. Anthony just has to work to get better and when he gets better, he'll get out there."

*A lot of people talk about Ryan Harris. But could you talk about Dan Santucci and how you would evaluate him?: "He's probably one of the toughest guys we have on the team. It's really important to him. When you look at the guys up front, with Dan being one of them, they have a lot of pride and it's really important to them. They realize that they only have a few more games left in their college career and he wants to end his career playing the best he's ever played."

*Does he have a shot at the next level?: "Yep. He'll get a shot."

*Do people ask you about him?: "Yes they do."

*A lot of times you hear the guys talk about him being tough. Is that just a characteristic trait?: "The offensive line voted for the representative of their position. It was a tie between Ryan and Santucci. That should tell you what they think of him. Sometimes there are qualities that go beyond just being a football player. It's what you are on and off the field that defines a leader."

*What makes Maurice Crum so effective in rushing the passer?: "Sometimes, undersized might mean short because he's 225 pounds. That's not exactly small but he's under six feet. Sometimes those other guys that are shifty or nifty kind of get lost because they are not 6'2" or 6'3" and just trying to bull rush you over."

*Are there any guys in the NFL who we compares to?: "There are a bunch of guys that he's like. There's a bunch of them. Most of them play outside. Not too many of them play inside. I can tell you one of the shorter guys in the NFL who has been one of the better players for a long time is Zack Thomas. We played against him for so many years. He's short but he's stout and reads fast. There are a lot of similar qualities there. Zack ended up getting a little bigger over the years but there are guys who are under six feet and aren't 250 pounds that are good football players."

*What have you liked the most in Brady Quinn's streak of 204 passes without an interception?: "What have I liked about him not throwing an interception? (laughter) He hasn't been error free but he doesn't press. He doesn't press. By press, I mean very seldom does he force a throw that he really shouldn't make. He throws some risky throws but they are usually in one-on-one situations with a wide receiver against a DB and one them could come down with them. That's not as much as a risky situation. He usually isn't the type of guy who will throw into three or four guys. There are guys who do that. He usually isn't one of them."

*You don't like him to throw interceptions?: "You never want him to throw an interception. It happens sometimes. You talking about knocking on wood. I'm going to give this one. Let's not be setting bad vibes this week."

*Tackling was a point of emphasis this week. How it's been going?: "It's been two days of practice and two solid days of tackling. There's been an emphasis on that. Tomorrow, I might have to pull off on that one a little. We'll keep the shoulder pads on. The last time I pulled off too much, it didn't work out too well. It's been improved. It's going to need to be improved."

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