Plans Change for Jones

Gerald Jones of Millwood high school (Oklahoma City, Okla.) is a dynamic player with that ball in his hands, and the Irish certainly could use his playmaking ability in their offense. Jones had scheduled a trip to Notre Dame this weekend, but those plans have changed.

Notre Dame was expecting to host running back Gerald Jones (6-1, 190 pounds) this weekend for an official visit, but as it turns out Jones and his teammates have other plans for the weekend.

"Our playoff game is on Saturday, so I wasn't able to make it down there," Jones said of his plans to visit Notre Dame officially. "Hopefully I can get there sometime in December. If that doesn't work maybe sometime in January."

Jones planned on traveling to Virginia Tech last weekend, but after making two consecutive visits, he needed some time to regroup and concentrate on playoffs.

"I didn't get to go to Virginia Tech," Jones explained. "I had three trips in a row, but I was so tired I decided not to go. I haven't rescheduled that visit either, but hopefully I'll get to go sometime in December."

If Millwood makes the final game of the playoffs, the game won't be played until December 9, which means Jones will likely need to schedule his remaining visits in January. That's late into the recruiting process, so the question is whether Gerald will make his college decision before taking his final three trips.

"That really shouldn't be a problem," Jones responded when asked January visits would allow him enough time to make a decision. "I have to see what the other schools are about. They might have something better than the others schools I've seen, so I'll wait until I take my officials.

Jones stated that he didn't have a favorite school at this time, although he has named Texas Tech as his leader in the past. Gerald listed Florida, Oklahoma, and Oklahoma State a schools that were still under consideration in addition to Texas Tech, Notre Dame, Tennessee and Virginia Tech.

On the season Jones has approximately 1,500 rushing yards and 1,750 yards passing.

Millwood hosts Lindsey (Okla.) at 7:30 p.m. Saturday night. Top Stories