Player Quotes

Following the win over Army, Irish Eyes got quotes from the following players:

Senior Defensive Back Mike Richardson

Have you seen Brady show this emotion before?

"Not much, but it's great to see that. We're all seniors and this is our last year and we just wanted to show the fans how much we appreciated their support."

How were your feelings after the game?

"I was overwhelmed a little bit toward the end. My emotions started getting to me, and that happens you know, with it being the last time in Notre Dame Stadium."

What did you think about wearing the green in your last game here?

"It was a nice surprise and good of Coach Weis to do that. It gave us a little more energy; at least it did for me, at the beginning of the game. It was really a great thing he did for us."

What was the reaction in the locker room when the players saw the jerseys?

"We were overjoyed to see them because nobody was expecting it, playing against Army. It is usually reserved for special games, and it actually did surprise us a little bit."

In a way, this was a special game because it's your last game here.

"Yes, that's true and he said he wanted to send the seniors out with something special, so I guess he did."

It was sort of special for you today with the interception, wasn't it?

"It was really fortunate for me because I always wanted to go out and do good things and I hadn't had any interceptions this year so far. And it was really good to go out and get two interceptions in my last home game."

Of all the games you've played here, what is the lasting thought of your time here?

"My lasting thought is of the fans and the support you get here. It's like no other. You go to other stadiums and sometimes you get booed, but win or lose here the fans are going to support you no matter what."

Senior Defensive Lineman Derek Landri

What did you think of coming out in the green jerseys today?

"It's a special occasion and Coach Weis wanted to send us out right."

Was there a lot of excitement in the locker room when you guys saw them?

"Yeah, but we've had them on three times so we don't get over-excited and waste a lot of energy putting the jerseys on instead of playing with them on."

Another blocked kick, do you feel it's sort of become routine for you?

"It's a good thing. Trevor (Laws) had one last week. It's just one of those things where you have a chance to keep points off the board."

What was the most emotional thing for you after the game?

"I think just kind of jogging off the field and the whole thing. I'm glad we walked instead of jogged. One of the things, we were all tired and two, you get to appreciate it a little more instead of a hurry-up jog around."

What did you think of the impromptu fan pep rally after the game?

"It's going to be a big game next week and it was exciting to know that everyone stuck around, and the students especially."

Did you know that Coach Weis wouldn't let the Ohio State-Michigan game score be announced in the stadium?

"Oh yeah, he told us last week that it wasn't going to be announced because it doesn't matter."

Talk about the play of the defense today.

"Definitely, not to take anything away from Brady (Quinn), Jeff (Samardzija), Rhema (McKnight), Darius (Walker), and the offense, but it was more-so of a game for the defense. We actually played a little better this week than the week before. We want to build on every week and obviously we have one of the better teams in the country next week. It was a good defensive game and it was good to get that under our belt."

Do you think the defense is playing with high confidence at this time?

"Speaking for the front four or the front seven, we always have a swagger and a confidence about us. The DB's played awesome today and I don't think they gave up more than 30 yards, the first team at least."

Senior Receiver Jeff Samardzija

What was going through your mind during the post-game celebration?

"It was nice to run around the field and appreciate the fans and everything they've done for us and everything they stuck around for. It was good to go by the family and see all your friends and see your own parents; it was cool; it was good. It was something you look forward to and something you don't look forward to. You're sad that it's over but you're happy that you had that senior day and everything."

Were you surprised to see Brady break out of his serious mode?

"No Brady's a competitor and he wanted to go out there and send everybody out right and he wanted to get the other seniors on the field too. Everyone was kind of in the same mode and we knew what we wanted to do and how we wanted to go out and let the other guys in too. We were all in that mode but when it came time to loosen up and have fun, we did."

Did you see Rhema make Brady hold his hand up high to the fans?

"Brady's kind of shy and he doesn't like to get all crazy like that. So sometimes he needs some help."

Do you think the post-game celebration was more than usual because of more anticipation from the fans about the program and what you guys can do?

"It's been great this year. The last two years have been pretty incredible after what we went through the first two years. It's been a complete 180 and that's what happens when you win. What are you going to do, you can't blame anyone, you just have to put wins on the board and good things will happen."

How did it feel to get a touchdown in your last game here in the stadium?

"It was cool. It was nice to get it in the end zone and get us going at the beginning after Darius scored. It was nice to get it off your shoulders so people are chirping in the third quarter why you haven't caught a touchdown yet. It was fun; it was nice; and I thought all the seniors played great and they were out there playing motivated."

Have you started thinking about USC already?

"Yes, I mean, why not. It's obviously going to be a big game. Obviously, we are going to be excited. Although it's a week away, we're going to take time to enjoy this game and we'll just approach it as we do all the other games."

Senior Defensive Back Chinedum Ndukwe

Can you talk about how the defense came out early and set the tone?

"I think it was just the excitement of the game, we had those jerseys on and everybody was pumped up. We don't get too many opportunities to start the game off because Coach Weis always likes to take the ball. We just came up there and tried to set the tone for the rest of the game."

Did Brady keep the green jerseys a secret from you?

"He did, and all the captains did a pretty good job of that. I'm glad because it was a great surprise going into the locker room and all that."

Were you surprised to see Brady jump into the stands after the game?

"Yeah, that was pretty neat. It was good to see all the seniors running around and people doing whatever. It was the last time we will be in that stadium and I think we did it the right way. We came out with a solid victory over Army and we're looking ahead to next week now."

Is that out of character for Brady?

"No, he's a crazy kid."

How emotional was this for you at the end of the game?

"It was mixed emotions because I was happy about the victory; kind of happy about the last time, but kind of sad because of the last time. But we have a big game next week that we are looking forward to; having the opportunity to play SC out there is great and that is all we are thinking about right now. I'm not thinking about this victory now; all I'm thinking about is next week and how I'm going to prepare for it this week."

Senior Defensive Lineman, Chris Frome

Do you have strong feelings about going into the USC game this year?

"We've already talked about them a little bit in the locker room right now. This week is going to be the biggest and most intensive preparation that you can expect from anybody. We have a lot to work on this next week and we understand there's a lot coming up and we are going on a big business trip next weekend."

How do you balance the emotions coming out of the game today with the work that still has to be done?

"That's what keeps us going and for a lot of the seniors, we realize it's a big game but our season is not nearly finished and we realize there is a lot of work to be done. It's kind of easier stepping away from Notre Dame Stadium knowing that we still have a lot to do and we still have a lot to prove. It was great to play this game here tonight."

Considering what happened to you last year and being from California, what does this game mean to you?

"Me, personally, and the whole team, this game is going to be emotional and I can't put into words what we expect from ourselves for this game. It's going to be a very interesting match up next week."

Junior Running Back Darius Walker

Could you talk about your day a little bit?

"I thought it was a good day. We wanted to come in and establish the run and out-tough them and out-physical them and I feel like we did."

What about wearing the green?

"Lovely, man. I know I was excited when we came into the locker room. I had no idea that when we came in from warm-ups and saw the green jerseys, that just kind of lit the fire."

How important was it to get in there and establish the run today?

"It's always important to get in there and establish the run. It sort of dictates the game and we kind of controlled it and we felt like we controlled it the whole time and felt we could take 20 play drives or whatever need be to get in the end zone. So we really felt good about it."

Did you guys get an early anticipation of let's get ready for SC after you had a big lead today?

"That's the way it goes; that's kind of how football plays out; everybody's excited about next week. We're just excited about this one and get a chance to rest now and of course everybody knows what's coming up and what is at stake next week." Top Stories