Adams Should Bring Some Pop to Irish Lineup

The Notre Dame baseball team recently signed one of their best recruiting classes in recent memory under the leadership of new Irish skipper Dave Schrage. The Irish added a number of top prospects in the class of 2007, and Indianapolis, Ind. native Ty Adams will hopefully add some pop the Irish lineup for years to come.

At 6-foot-7, 230 pounds, Ty Adams is a big man already. With his recent signing with Notre Dame, Adams brings power potential to a lineup in need of extra base hits.

"It became a dream after I saw my first ND football game as a sophomore in high school," Adams said when asked if Notre Dame was his dream school. "I started looking at them for basketball, but then I realized that baseball was probably going to be my sport. I really wanted Notre Dame to be a place I could look at, and luckily enough that happened."

That dream became a reality earlier this fall when Adams took his official visit to Notre Dame for an Irish football game weekend.

"I took my official visit for the Purdue game," Adams explained. "Mike Dury was my host. He was great. He really did a great job showing me around and what's it like to be a Notre Dame baseball player. I really liked him."

While on campus, the National Honors Society member said he was bitten by the Notre Dame bug.

"I think it's just something that you just know when you're there," Adams said when asked why he chose the Irish. "Notre Dame has so much history and so much tradition. You're just not going to get that anywhere else. I think that once I stepped on campus, I just knew that this was the place where I'd be happy.

"I wanted to go to a place where I knew I would be most happy if I never played baseball again, and that would be Notre Dame. Everyone loves it there."

The new Irish baseball staff and head coach Dave Schrage also played a large role in his decision to further his career in South Bend.

"All three of them are just really easy to talk to," Adams explained. "When I first got on campus, I had breakfast with coach Schrage and the other coaches. You get kind of nervous, and you want to make a good impression. But as soon as you talk to the staff, all the nervousness completely leaves you. They're so easy to talk to. They make you feel like they love what they're doing."

The Brebeuf Jesuit high school star had an impressive junior season hitting nine homers and ending the season with a .515 batting average in 72 at-bats.

"First base is what I've played my entire life," Adams said. "Notre Dame, I think they're looking at me at first base, and possibly as an outfielder because I can move fairly decently for someone my size, or so I'm told."

"That's something that they see that I can do," Adams said when asked about his powerful bat. "Hopefully I can step in as a freshman, if I play well, and provide that and hit some balls out of the park. Then, as they work with me, hopefully I can become a real power hitter for them."

Like any player, Adams admits he has some work to do before being ready to hit college pitching.

"There are times where you know the pitcher makes a mistake and you don't make him pay for it," Adams explained. "That's something I'm really focusing on now. I need to make sure that every time I get my pitch to hit, I don't miss that pitch and I make the pitcher pay for that mistake."

And the senior righthander says he's working full time to get ready for the next stage of his baseball career.

"I'm taking the season off from basketball to focus solely on baseball," he said. "I'm working out a lot. I work out Monday, Wednesday and Friday with a trainer. Right now we're trying to make me as lean as possible. We're taking all the fat off my body and making me as lean as possible. Once we get to that point, which is pretty close, we're going to put as much muscle mass on me as possible while still keeping my athleticism. I don't want to bulk up too much.

"I go to Roundtripper Baseball Academy. I go every Sunday and Monday night and work on my baseball skills. On Sunday I go for two hours and work on my hitting with an instructor. We do some fielding on Monday. For my team, we also do lifting, and hitting and fielding ever Monday, Wednesday and Friday as well. I've been keeping pretty busy.

Adams, who also had a grandfather graduate from Notre Dame, said his family couldn't be happier with his decision.

"My family wanted me to make my college decision on where I wanted to be, so they didn't really push me anywhere," Adams explained. "When they found out that I really wanted to go to Notre Dame, and that it was a possibility, they were ecstatic. Now they're doing all their Christmas shopping for Notre Dame gear. They're thrilled with my decision."

Irish fans can also expect to see the big guy around Frank Eck Stadium this fall cheering on his future teammates.

"I know I'll make it up there several times to watch them play," Adams said. "I'm really excited about that. I've never seen a Notre Dame baseball game live, so I'm really excited to get up and watch them play." Top Stories