The Offer Has Arrived

Golden Tate really hasn't been too concerned with the recruiting process up to this point. He has known what he wanted and knew what he needed to do in order to get it. The 6-foot-0 180 pound athlete from John Paul II high school (Hendersonville, Tenn.) returned home from a weekend visit to find that his scholarship offer from Notre Dame was waiting for him.

I think Notre Dame fans were more anxious to see Golden Tate receive an offer than he was. Golden was patient. He waited while Irish fans tossed and turned at night wondering what the Notre Dame coaching staff was doing. Panic had overwhelmed many Irish fans…then finally, a sign to those fans that the Irish coaches actually did know "a little" about football. With Thanksgiving here those fans can give thanks knowing that the package has been delivered. The scholarship offer has arrived.

"Yes, I got the offer sometime this week," Tate responded when asked if he had received his scholarship offer from Notre Dame. "I had just gotten back from the Vanderbilt-Tennessee game and a bunch of my friends were around…it was pretty exciting. I made a bunch of copies of it.

"I haven't talked to the [Notre Dame] coaches since I got the offer in the mail, but I have been talking to them a lot lately."

Although the Irish are considered the favorite sign Tate, there are several programs that will challenge Notre Dame until designing day.

"Notre Dame, Vanderbilt, Florida Notre Dame, South Carolina, and Alabama," Tate replied when asked which schools were still under consideration. "All the schools have offered except Florida. Florida does call every week though. It's going to be a tough decision and it will be tough not matter where I go.

"Vanderbilt, I think I could come in early and help the team out. They're treated me well that last couple years. They have a great academic program. They're baseball is pretty good and it's local. They aren't one of the top [football] teams in the nation, but if I went there, hopefully I would be able to help that.

"All those schools, I have a chance of playing early, and I want a chance to play early," Tate explained. "Hopefully I'll get as strong as those college guys, because right now I feel that I'm as fast as most of them.

"I think most of the schools are going to play me on offense somewhere, which is where I would like to pay. I'll play anywhere, but I feel I can help the team at wide receiver or running back because I can catch and run the ball…if you want me to I can even through it.

"I'll play defense if the team needs me at defense," he said. "I just want to get on the field. If I have to play tight end I'll play it. I'll play linebacker too if they need me. I probably wouldn't be very good, but I'll give it 110% if they put me out there."

Tate has two visits scheduled. He will visit South Carolina on December 19. His first visit will be to Notre Dame on December 1. Tate doesn't know what he'll do in South Bend, but he is excited to get up to the Notre Dame campus.

"I don't know what to expect," Tate said. "The other day I had a girl that goes to Notre Dame come back and she said that it's amazing. I just hear that it's amazing."

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