No Decision, Just Visits for Dever

Recruiting got into full swing this week as the Notre Dame coaching staff hit the road to visit some of their top prospects. Offensive lineman Taylor Dever of Nevada Union High School (Grass Valley, Calif.) was one of the first scheduled stops for Charlie Weis.

Notre Dame had been hinting to Taylor Dever (6-foot-6, 295 pounds) that they were going to offer him a scholarship, but nothing had materialized…that was until Tuesday.

"They did offer," Dever said when asked about his meeting with Charlie Weis. "Coach Polian was with him. We talked for about 45 minutes and he said he liked what he saw from my film and would like to bring me in. He said he thought I could play early in my career.

"He told me about this coaching philosophy and how he recruits. He said that he not only saw me as a football player, but also as a person. He said to play at a high level you had to have it all and that he could see me coming into his program and playing early. I thought that was pretty amazing. He said that he doesn't get the film unless the other coaches like it. I think that's a pretty big statement."

Despite the excitement of the Notre Dame scholarship offer, Dever still intends to take his time before making his decision.

"No commitments were made," Dever explained. "I'm going to go on my visit to Notre Dame this weekend and see what they have to offer. Coach Weis said the banquet weekend was a good time to come, because there was more to experience than there would be in January.

"The following weekend I'm going to visit Nebraska. I went unofficially to Oregon when they played Washington. They're coming in to visit tonight. Washington State was in Tuesday.

"I haven't eliminated anyone at this time," he said. "I'm going to take my visits, come back and see what is the best fit for me and my future." Top Stories