Two Sport Star Interested In Irish

<P>Every year you run into some great parents. I had the pleasure of speaking with the Mother of Alex Boston today. Boston is a linebacker/defensive end prospect from Bartow Florida. His Mom and I had a nice chat about the recruitment of her son. Alex is interested in Notre Dame and the Irish are interested in him as well. </P>

Alex Boston is a 6-3 225 pound linebacker/defensive end prospect. I spoke with his Mom (Nadine) for quite some time about his recruitment. She was very excited about the process and gave me the straight scoop.

"Alex wants to play both baseball and football in college. He has spoken to a couple of baseball scouts. I am praying that he goes to college. He knows I want him to go to college but I want him to do what makes him happy. He is going to have to live with the decision for the rest of his life so I told him to take his time, take his five visits and then pray over what he should do. God will guide him to the right decision." Boston has received interest from Miami, FSU, Alabama, South Florida, Florida, Tennessee and Notre Dame.

I asked Nadine if he son has expressed interest in any schools in particular. "He seems to like Miami, Florida State, Notre Dame, Florida and Ohio State the most. I told him to go out and visit a lot of places. He is going to have to learn to live with all kinds of people and have all kinds of decisions to make in his life and he needs to have the most information he can get to make a good decision. This has really caught us off guard. I told him he needs to keep his grades up, be in church, do his chores and stay humble through all of this. I want him to enjoy it because these coaches will be doing this for some other kid next year so this is his chance to enjoy it but stay humble through it all."

Nadine did say that Alex prefers baseball but loves football almost as much. She said it will come down to what is the best for him and she really wants him to go to college. She said he is very interested in Notre Dame and that they seem to be interested in him.

Comments. As always, my comments are my own personal opinion. I think Notre Dame has a shot. He sounds like a great kid and Nadine has a good head on her shoulders. If Notre Dame starts to push for him, I think they have a shot. I do know they are interested in him and probably as a linebacker. Top Stories