Leak Interested in Irish

<P>Notre Dame will be searching for another quarterback in this class. Brady Quinn is already committed to the Irish but they will likely take another quarterback. Notre Dame is recruiting this North Carolina star and he is interested in the Irish. </P>

Chris Leak is one of the top quarterbacks in the country. He is trying to set the national passing record for yards this year and will likely get that number. Many will remember the story of his older brother C.J. but Chris is his own man.

"Recruiting has been very good so far. I am getting ready for our first game on the 30th. My goals are to win our third straight State Championship. That is the most important. I do think every player should have personal goals and I want to see the national passing record. I think I can do that this year." Leak will likely set this record that has been broken 2 times in the last 10 years.

I asked Chris about recruiting and the fact that everyone under the sun believes he will choose Tennessee. "Everyone thinks that is what I will do. Tennessee is my leader because I am the most familiar with their coaching staff. I have been there so many times. I do feel comfortable there but I don't know much about the other schools. I decided that I would go through this whole process and take all 5 of my visits. Someone else could impress me as well. I am very open to all schools. I am keeping all doors open and I want to make the best decision for myself."

I asked Chris who his top teams were. "Tennessee, South Carolina, UCLA, Notre Dame, Ohio State and Florida. There are others I am considering as well. The most important things for me is education. I need to get my degree. I just want to feel at home there and then I will just follow my heart and go where my heart tells me. It will be my decision."

Chris also said he had no idea where he will visit yet. "It's part of the game. I will take it as it comes. I will narrow it down later in the season and then decide. I am still very open right now. I need to talk to some more coaches and then I can narrow it down."

Comments. As always, the comments section is just my own personal opinion. I don't think he is sold on Tennessee just yet. I do think he wants to look around a bit and see if there are other opportunities. In the end, I am going to guess he will choose Tennessee.

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