New Runningback Interested In Irish

<P>Notre Dame will be looking for another runningback. One name that has come across the radar lately is Lovejoy Georgia's Tashard Choice. Choice has been receiving a lot of mail from Notre Dame lately and I hear they are going to recruit him heavily. </P>

Tashard Choice is 6-1 200 pounds. He is a tailback that plays in a mostly passing offense. He has 925 yards rushing last year and 565 yards receiving. He also had 475 yards in return yards. For video on Tashard, click this link.

Tashard has offers from Penn State, Boston College, Stanford, Vandy, Auburn, Tulane, Duke, Wake Forrest, Naby and Arkansas. I asked Tashard who his top schools are at this moment. "I like Georgia Tech, Clemson, Alabama, Vanderbilt and South Carolina the most right now. Notre Dame has sent me a ton of mail lately. They appear to be really interested. I would be very interested in Notre Dame if they are interested in me. I just have to wait and talk to the coaches and see if they are really interested. If they are, I would be really interested in them."

I asked Tashard about his team and the offense. I noticed a lot of his highlight clips were of him catching the ball. "Yeah, we spread the ball out a lot. We throw it on most downs. I usually get anywhere from 6-10 carries. I would have like 8 carries for over 100 yards. My coach says he is going to give it to me at least 15 times a game this year. I hope that happens."

Tashard is also a good student with a 3.9 GPA and a 980 test score. "I want to take that again. I am not happy with that score. Education is very important to me. That is the most important factor in my decision. I want to go to a program where they have a winning tradition and can be in position to play for the National Championship. I am checking out depth charts. I want to go to a place where the coach lets you earn your position and the best player will play. That is all I ask."

Tashard said if Notre Dame offered, he would likely visit there. He is not sure how many visits he will take but plans to take his Mom or his older brother with him when he visits.

Comments. Tashard is a new name but I hear they like this player quite a bit. If ND offers, they will be right in it. Top Stories