Gardner Will Likely Visit Notre Dame

<P>Another top tailback prospect the Irish are interested in is Isaiah Garnder. Isaiah is a prospect from Salem HS in Virginia Beach, VA. Gardner is one of the top backs in the country and he is interested in Notre Dame. </P>

Isaiah Garnder is 5-11 190 pounds. He rushed for over 1100 yards and 23 touchdowns last year averaging 8 yards a carry. He also had over 300 yards receiving and 2 touchdowns.

Gardner has offers from Michigan State, Boston College, Notre Dame, Tennessee, UCLA, Oklahoma, Virginia Tech, East Carolina, USC, North Carolina State, Maryland, Indiana, Northwestern, Wake Forrest, Clemson, South Carolina and Georgia Tech. "I have a lot of other schools that are interested but these are the schools that have offered me. I might have forgot one or two."

I asked Isaiah who were his top schools at this time. "Michigan State, Oklahoma, Notre Dame, Tennessee, Georgia Tech and Virginia Tech. I am still open and those could change. I need to talk to the coaches more before I narrow it down."

I asked Isaiah is he knew of any schools he would likely visit for sure. "I will visit Oklahoma and Notre Dame for sure. After that, I am not sure which schools I will visit."

Isaiah also knows what is important to him. "I plan on taking all 5 visits but if one jumps out and I know that is the school for me, I will probably commit then. I want to go to a place that has a good coaching staff and a good program overall. I need to find a place where I can get a good education and degree."

Gardner also told me that some schools are looking at him to play corner as well. "Some schools like me at cornerback as well. I like playing runningback but my coach is playing me at corner this year. I have always played both ways until lately. I am finding out that I really like playing corner. It doesn't matter to me but I really like playing both."

Comments. The comments section is just my opinion. I think Isaiah will visit. I think they will have a good shot once he does. He sounds very open right now. I don't think any one team leads this race but I would say Notre Dame, Oklahoma and Michigan State have the best shot right now. Top Stories