Dever Talks About ND Visit

Taylor Dever was snowed out of his first attempt top visit Notre Dame. The offensive lineman from Nevada Union High School (Grass Valley, Calif.) rescheduled the visit for last weekend and came away impressed with the Notre Dame football program.

Taylor Dever (6-foot-6, 295 pounds) figured that he'd like what Notre Dame offered, and after seeing the South Bend campus, he wasn't disappointed.

"Everything went great. I loved the campus," Dever responded when asked about his official visit. "I had a good visit and a good experience. Seeing the school in person, the stadium, the golden dome, the Basilica, the Grotto, you always here about them but seeing them in person was pretty amazing.

"Last year we got three feet of snow out here, so I'm used to the snow and the cold weather. I actually like cold weather, but as far as the campus, I was pretty impressed seeing everything in person. I like that everything is so close. Some schools that you go to the stadium is across the street and down the road, and the dorms are over there. I thought it was a plus with everything being so close."

Being comfortable on campus is one thing, but if a player is going to be happy at a school, he will need to be surrounded by people he likes.

"I was really anxious to get out there and meet the players. I think the guys you play with is something that you really have to consider," Dever explained. "I really liked the guys. My host was Will Yeatman. He was a great guy and he treated me well. It was finals week and most of the guys were in studying, but I got to meet some of them and they're pretty funny. I hung around Sam Young, Matt Carufel, Chris Stewart, and Konrad Reuland.

"They said coach Latina is a great guy. Chris told me that he works on the little stuff and he makes sure the technique is right. They all said he's a great guy to work with. He will get in your ear like all coaches do, but he's more of a guy that's willing to work with you.

"I thought he was a great guy," Dever said of the Notre Dame offensive line coach. "I totally agree with coach Latina's philosophy. He'll get after you, but he's concerned about you doing it right. He really emphasized being able to push the right buttons at the right time.

"Out of the many things I'm taking into consideration, I asked myself, ‘Could I go out with some of these linemen or coach Latina and have lunch?' ‘Would I feel comfortable person-to-person, coach to player.' I really felt like I could do that. I just felt I could hang out with them and be comfortable without trying.

Although Dever enjoyed his visit, he wasn't tempted to commit to the Irish.

"This is a huge decision," Taylor said. "I just wanted to get home and get back with my family and friends and think about the visit. I wanted to think about what I liked and see if there was anything that I didn't like.

"Coach Polian is supposed to be in Thursday and then I rescheduled my Nebraska visit for this weekend." Top Stories