Martin Done with Visits

Ben Martin of La Salle High School (Cincinnati, Ohio) is done. He isn't ready to announce his college decision, but he is done taking official visits. This weekend Martin visited the University of Tennessee for his fourth and final trip.

Ben Martin (6-foot-6, 220 pounds) had already made an unofficial visit to Tennessee earlier in the year when they played Florida. Although this trip was a little more structured, that didn't prevent Martin from enjoying Knoxville.

"It's a nice college town and there's a lot to do," Martin replied when asked about his trip to Tennessee. "The main thing I think about is the atmosphere, and the people. The people are really nice. It's just a nice place.

"The players are good kids. It was a good place to be. The players really take care of you and get you involved with things. They try to help you out to make sure that you succeed."

Martin has enjoyed every visit he has taken, and every school will offer him an opportunity to be successful. With his official visits completed Ben will slide into decision-making mode.

"All four schools that I'm looking at are all equal to me," Martin explained. "It's between Ohio State, Florida, Notre Dame and Tennessee. They're all great places and it would be hard for me to make a bad choice. It's just going to be which place is better for me when you get down to it.

"This Christmas break I'll be home with my mom a lot so I'll be talking about it a lot and hopefully I'll figure things out."

Martin is one of Notre Dame top recruits and Charlie Weis made his in-home visit this week.

"He came in [Monday]," Martin said. "He told me that they wanted me there. It was more of a casual visit than anything. Coach Weis told me if I committed February 7 that there would be a scholarship waiting. It's nice to know that he's the type of guy that would hold a space for me." Top Stories