Trattou Acomplishes Goals for Season

Ramsey, N.J. defensive end prospect Justin Trattou had a few goals in mind when he walked onto the football field as a freshman for his Don Bosco Prep high school team. His dreams were the same aspirations any high school player would have, but unlike most high school hopefuls, Trattou saw his lofty goals come to realization.

"I always wanted to win a state championship," Justin Trattou said when asked to look back at his senior season. "That was one of my goals. I wanted to win one. I also wanted to be in the Army game. You see the guys playing in it and you hope to make it there some day. It's kind of strange it happened."

Trattou was real close to seeing at least one of his goals come to fruition at the end of junior season as his Don Bosco Prep high school team faced the famed St. Peters Prep high school team in the state finals. Unfortunately, Don Bosco fell short in that quest but found their way back to the championship game this season.

"They were the favorites all year," Trattou said. "They were talking all year. We remembered the year before. They got cocky so we gave it to them.

"I'm not one to talk much. I just do my talking on the field."

Don Bosco gave it to them alright, and so did Trattou.

"The defense was electric. Justin Trattou was a man possessed ... what a show. This is about as good as it gets," said Don Bosco Prep head coach Greg Toal after the big game.

"I had a pretty good game," Trattou said when asked about his stats in the final game of his high school career. "I had four sacks, nine tackles and a forced fumble. We ended up No. 1 in the Northeast. That's all I cared about."

"I think I had 14 sacks. That's all I know. I don't know my tackles and all of that," Trattou said when asked about his senior stats.

Next up for the five-star player is another goal accomplished….the Army All-American game.

"I'm real excited about that," Trattou said. "I've been working out. I have a trainer. I've been lifting and running. I'm really looking forward to hanging out with all the Notre Dame guys. I'm looking forward to playing with all those guys. I think it will be fun."

Trattou has been an Irish commitment for quite some time but the Irish coaching staff hasn't forgot about him after his commitment.

"Coach Latina was here just the other night," he said. "It went real well. I know him really well because he's been the guy who's recruited me all along. We just kind of talked."

"I think he's coming in January," Trattou said when asked when Irish head coach Charlie Weis would make his way to New Jersey for his in-home visit.

With the Irish losing both starting defensive ends after this season, Trattou knows he has a chance to play early and looks forward to competing.

"We talked about that," Trattou said. "It's all up to me. It keeps me motivated knowing that I can get on the field next year. I'm just focusing on getting ready for next year right now. I'm working with a trainer and trying to get ready. I'm really excited about it." Top Stories