Taylor Dever: No. 15

Nevada Union High School (Grass Valley, Calif.) offensive lineman Taylor Dever became the third commitment of the week as he told coach Polian on Thursday that he planned to spend his college days playing under the golden dome.

Taylor Dever (6-foot-6, 295 pounds) had the urge to commit to Notre Dame on his official visit last weekend, but he realized that he needed to get home and think through his decision. He ponder his options for several days and when Notre Dame assistant coach Brian Polian made an in-home visit on Thursday, Dever was ready to end his recruitment.

"Yes I did," Dever responded when asked to confirm his commitment to Notre Dame. "Coach Polian came to my house on Thursday. I was a little hesitant to say ‘yes', because this is such a big decision. We talked about it. He was totally honest with me. He told me how he was feeling and how [the Notre Dame staff] felt about me.

"When you visit a school, you're checking out the school and you're checking out what the school has to offer you. But, they're also checking you out. He said that it was evident that I was a perfect fit for the school and I felt the same way. I needed to hear that for it to finally click.

"He told me that he wasn't going to pressure me into committing," Dever explained. "He said that he could sense that I felt comfortable at Notre Dame when I was visiting, and that if I felt it was the right place then I should make the decision. He wasn't trying to pressure me at all, which I appreciated."

The decision was a big day for Dever and like most parents, Taylor's mom and dad were very pleased with his decision.

"My parents are very proud," Dever said. "They've only been here for support, wisdom, and suggestions. There was never a time where they stepped in and felt that they needed to tell me what I needed to do, because it was my decision. I'm thankful for that as well.

"Everyone is so proud of me and I've always had a great support system. My dad's dad and my dad's brother are huge Notre Dame fans and I grew up watching them. I've always been a huge fan. My high school is blue and gold. So it's all pretty amazing.

"I've always kind of known Notre Dame for the tradition," Dever said. "When you think Notre Dame, the first thing that comes to mind is the gold helmets, the green jerseys and the ‘Fighting Irish'."

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