Larkin Still Waiting For Offer

<P>Cincinnati's Nick Larkin likes Notre Dame. He also likes a few other schools who have offered him. Notre Dame has yet to offer. Is that offer likely coming in the future? </P>

"I had been in contact with the Notre Dame coaching staff up until 2 weeks ago. I figure if they were going to offer, they would have done it by now. Coach Mattison told me they have offered 3 defensive linemen so far and that I am in the next group. I am not sure I want to wait around and see if they will offer. I just don't think they will. If they did offer, that would move them right up there."

Nick Larkin does have offers from Kentucky, Virginia, Boston College, Marylan, Georgia Tech, Duke, Vandy, Pittsburgh, Wake Forrest and South Carolina. I asked Nick who he likes the best right now. "I really like Boston College, I really like Wake Forrest and I really like Virginia. I have been to all three and I am trying to decide between the three right now. I just don't know which school I like the best. I will probably decide soon. I will probably just make a decision between these three."

I asked Nick if he has given up hope on Notre Dame. "I haven't given up hope. I just think if they were going to offer, they would have done it by now. I hope they do but I still like these other three schools as well. They are all good schools and I will be happy with any of the three."

Comments. The comments section is just my own personal opinion. If ND offers, I think he will jump on it. He is a great kid and you can tell he wants Notre Dame to offer. We will have to wait and see if they will. Top Stories