Baker Going to Take Visits

<P>Lewis Baker is one hot prospect. Since his decommitmet from Texas, he has had many schools trying to get into the race. Notre Dame is one of the schools that he is interested in. Where do the Irish sit right now? </P>

Lewis Baker had had a wild ride so far. He committed to Texas early but has since changed his mind and wants to look at other options. I talked with Lewis to try to find out where the Irish sit in all of this.

I asked Lewis who has bee recruiting him an offering lately. "I have offers from every Big 12 school now. Florida said they are offering me. Kansas State looks like they will offer. Iowa just offered. I am just going to take some visits and see what happens."

I asked Lewis about his trip to Notre Dame. "It was awesome. The campus was beautiful. I really liked Coach Willingham. I felt very comfortable there. I like Notre Dame a lot." I asked Lewis about the rumors that he likes Oklahoma as well. "Yeah, Notre Dame and Oklahoma are my top two schools. I have been there as well. I went to camp there and they couldn't offer while I was on campus but offered me the next day. I liked it there as well and I like their coaching staff."

I asked Lewis what his plans were from here on out. "I plan to take some visits. I am not sure how many I will take. I know I will visit Notre Dame and Vanderbilt for sure. I might visit OU again as well. I don't know how many I will take. I am just going to wait and see what happens.

Comments. I think Notre Dame has a great shot to land this player. I do think Oklahoma will be the main competition but it will depend on what happens in September. Some new schools could come into the mix. I think he really likes Notre Dame and Willingham. In a previous conversation, Lewis talked about Willingham for 5 minutes. All things can change but I expect Notre Dame to be in it until the end. Top Stories