Peters Contemplates a Visit to Notre Dame

Notre Dame needs to add at least one additional defensive tackle to this recruiting class. The Irish were hoping to get an official visit from Jason Peters of Catholic high school (Baton Rogue, La.) but if something doesn't change, Notre Dame will not be on his travel itinerary.

Jason Peters (6-foot-4, 260 pounds) appear to be a perfect fit for Notre Dame. He's well spoken. He's intelligent and he attends a Catholic high school. Jason was seriously considering taking a visit to investigate the Irish football program, but that may not happen.

"Instead of going to Notre Dame on January 20, I might go to Florida," Peters responded when asked about his pending official visits. "I'm going to talk to my parents and see what they say.

"It really comes down to the position Notre Dame is recruiting me to play. I was hoping to play defensive end in college."

According to Peters, Notre Dame is the only team that is recruiting him to play defensive tackle. Georgia Tech, Nebraska, Florida and LSU have told him that he will play defensive end.

"It's not it is make or break, but all these schools have so much to offer," Peters explained. "Each school has a great academic opportunity and as well as very good football. So it will come down to the little things. Because thing were so even, thing s that wouldn't have mattered, in this situation made the difference."

He reports a 3.6 core GPA and a 21 ACT. Top Stories